Real-time Creative Freedom for Artists

“The industry is demanding a new class of tool, producing high quality visual effects, whilst working unconstrained on the final product in real time.”

Complete Real-Time Workflow

Create, change, composite, edit and play in real-time all in one place. Always see the final result. No half baked previews.

Compelling Visual Effects

Probably the most complete, controllable and integrated real-time visual effects engine around. Setting new standards for real-time.

For Interactive, VR and AR

As well as delivering to video, create real-time interactive, generative & VR/AR content all from one tool.

Don’t wait. Create 


A New Standard For Real-Time

Using the power of Notch you can continually innovate in real-time, creating, changing, compositing and editing with immediate feedback.

Better for refining your art, better for tailoring to your clients. No half baked previews, the final result, all the time. Transform the way you work.

Fast and Agile Render Engine 

Designed for real-time from the ground up, Notch brings physically based lighting, particles, fluids and volumetrics all wrapped in a single package. Utilising the GPU to it’s fullest.

Deliver The Narrative

Notch is designed to allow you to plan, create and track with your visual narrative, for a close, compelling and visually arresting account.

No bending ‘game engines’ to be narrative tools, Notch’s timeline is a foundation.

An All-In-One Tool

Features that grow with you

Sophisticated Yet Familiar

We’ve created a node based interface that’s familiar and easy to explore, allowing limitless opportunities just by connecting simple logical building blocks.

Fits Your Existing Workflow

Import / export from many other industry-standard packages, e.g. Cinema4D. You choose where Notch fits in.

The Whole Stack In One Place

Every element of the stack is constantly editable. Change the bottom level simulation and see the final frame immediately.

Integrated Building Blocks

Integrate between particles, fields, geometry and textures. Seed your voxels from particles spawned from an animated object – and back again.

Design For Interactivity

Create interactive projects, in your artist tool, driven by cameras, tracking systems or external controllers, without scripting.

This Is All Made Possible By


Notch For Shows & Live Events

“The live events industry has been waiting for a way to make interactive content and live visual effects easily, with an intuitive workflow designed for artists and the integrations needed for production technicians. With Notch, the creative constraints disappear. 

Live Video Effects

Use Notch’s visual effects and compositing capabilities on live video sources for compelling performance experiences.


Notch’s visual effects engine creates effects around tracked moving performers on stage, including interactive magic, smoke, pools of water or fire.

Virtual Lighting

Light your stage with real light or projection, it’s your choice. And control it all as a fixture from your lighting desk.

Redefining Possible In Live Event Visuals

Live Editing

Edit content live on your laptop, while you look at it on its target output – projected on the stage or LED screens. Make changes, instantly reflected on your media server.

Resolution Independent Content

No longer be tied to a pre-defined raster layout. Handle canvas sizes that change daily (like a festival tour), without re-rendering content.

Real-Time Control

Control your content directly from the lighting desk or controller. Any node parameter can be changed live in real-time.

Creative freedom for live visuals


Integrated With Media Servers

Create in Notch Builder, play back on your Media Server

or use standalone.

Revolutionising IMAG. Again. 

Make IMAG part of the visual narrative, with a whole new palette and artistic toolset. You can now bring IMAG in from the wings making it front and centre with your content once again.

Video treatments can range from particles, clouds or fire to subtle grains and grades, created by you or pre made by talented designers and colourists.

Virtual Lighting

Notch brings new and creative ways of lighting your scenic space with greater flexibility. Move between virtual and real lighting from the lighting desk.

Create interactive light sources attached to props or actors, bringing a whole new dramatic dimension.

Kinect and Stereo Camera Support

Bring new depths to your on-set camera suite through the support of Kinect and stereo cameras. Allow audiences to see whole new dimensions of the show, whether pulling artists away from the background or using them as a source for visual effects.

Live Editing and Real-time Control

Transform the way you work by editing content live, front of house. Watch changes appear before your eyes on its target output, projected on the stage of LED screens. Get rid of the overnight notes, make the changes instantly.

This Is All Made Possible by


Notch for VR

For VR games there are games engines. For everything else, there’s Notch

The creative tool for Oculus, Vive and 360/VR Video. Everything you need to realise your ideas – without ever writing code.

VR Instantly

Using a VR headset with your scene is as simple as dropping in a single node. Rendering to 360 video is just another node. Switch seamlessly at any time between traditional 2D screens, 360, and VR headsets.


Create and edit everything in real-time with our revolutionary WYSIWYG creative workflow – even while wearing the VR headset.

VR Store Support

Ship your experiences on the Oculus and SteamVR stores to reach mass markets globally. We offer a suite of submission services to scale from indie through to enterprise.

Interactivity with ease

Make your experiences responsive with controllers / trackers. They’re just nodes that can be used to control and affect anything in your scene.

Drive your visuals with live or pre-recorded audio. Add a wide range of external inputs (cameras, Kinect, RealSense, OSC, NDI, ArtNet, and HTTP data) and create interactive, sharable VR experiences.

360 & VR video

Create 360 videos in mono & stereo with one of the fastest renderers around. It’s so fast, 360 content can be edited & rendered in real-time – and previewed through a VR headset.

VR Experiences. Interactive Applications. VR Music Videos. Live 360 Stream Processing.


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