Interactive Samples Usage Terms

Updated 25th November 2020

The “Interactive Samples” are made available to allow users to experiment, demo & remix.

Your use of Interactive Samples is subject to these terms and the terms of the Notch EULA and is conditioned upon (and by downloading Interactive Samples you agree to abide by) the following:

You are permitted to use Interactive Samples to create, demo and remix a project which can be shown privately or used commercially (“Project”) provided at all times that:

  • All promotion, publication or otherwise use of Project is required to credit Notch by either including:
    • The text and hyperlink: “Made with Notch” <>
    • OR the tag “#madewithnotch”
  • Interactive Samples are only used in conjunction with Notch. This means Interactive Samples cannot be used with any other third party renderers for a Project.
  • You abide by the terms of the Notch EULA.