Project Description

McLaren Artura Launch

McLaren introduced their new hybrid supercar and unveiled the McLaren Technology Centre with a striking launch film featuring Daniel Ricardo.

Bild delivered the technical planning and onsite execution, working alongside creative director Ben Kreukniet, Notch designer Lewis Kyle White and advertising agency Media Monks. The team envisaged a curved zoetrope-inspired stage using pillars of LED and ambient lighting. The challenge of this project was creating content that corresponded to the curved inside and outside facing LED video surfaces.

Ben Kreukniet pulled together a remote team and leveraged Notch’s web streaming capabilities to share active renders over video calls. They chose to create their previz environment directly in Notch, allowing them to explore and iterate designs until they reached their final version. The team built on their early concept ideas to generate a polished raytraced scene in Notch. Virtual lighting designed to simulate the physical light sources brought the two worlds together. The result was striking neon graphics that move fluidly around the panels to reveal the car in centre stage.

“Normally, this would be a 3 step process involving various Software packages to create a 2D pixelmap, unwrapping it to the curved 3D structure, and then rendering for client feedback rounds. Instead, we were able to streamline the whole creative process by working in a single and comprehensive software package. Notch’s collaborative workflow allowed us to quickly develop our ideas as well as output glossy ray-traced final sequences.”

– Lewis Kyle White, Creative Content designer, Pixels & Noise

Production: Media Monks
Creative Direction: Ben Kreukniet 
Senior Producer: Eleni Willmott
Creative Content: Lewis Kyle White
Video Technical Production: Bild Studios
Video & Lighting Supply: PRG

Film crew:
Producer: Patrick Bodeham
DOP: Jakob Cizic
Steadicam: Kary Gent
Focus Puller: Oliver Bingham