Project Description

Alan Walker Nio Day Performance

Super Bonfire and GoAhead Lab collaborated on a virtual production performance that took the virtual audience through a sci-fi experience.

Innovative tech company Nio held a global event in 2021 to showcase their latest products to international customers. They invited Norway’s DJ sensation Alan Walker to perform virtually.

Super Bonfire and GoAhead Lab collaborated on the space for song ‘Out of Love’, using cubes and flashing lights moving across the scene to replicate an infinity effect. The lights themselves were audio-reactive to give the background and music a synchronized feel. The stage was first built up in Notch using simple shapes so that different materials and effects could be tested, and when the team was happy, they moved on to construct it with more detailed 3D models. The last step was adding fog and metallic materials elements to create a cohesive, digital universe. 

Despite the global pandemic making the project a challenge, using the Notch creative workflow combined with disguise media servers allowed all involved to support each other globally. On the day of the event, GoAhead could join the shoot via video call and work in real-time with the on-site team to adjust elements as they went. The result was an innovative virtual experience that gained over 3 million views on YouTube and lots of happy fans globally.

“We wanted to create something really cool and eye-catching. The style frames and art direction by Super Bonfire were the foundation for the look and feel. With Notch, we were able to make the mind-blowing visuals from the style frames come to life.

Anius Kiang, GoAhead Lab

Client: NIO
Creative Content & Project Management: Super Bonfire
Producer – Jason Kirby
Creative Director – Kaism Lim
Project Manager – David Ran, Shukri Yunos
Lead Producer – Charlotte Chong
Technical Advisor & Consultation – Cesar Caceres
Animation / VFX Director –Kaism Lim, Azhan Karim
Art Director – Zhao Xiang Li
Scene Design – Zhao Xiang Li, Miao Lang, Azhan Karim, Syazwan Nazzaruddin
XR Technical Director – Carl Loo
Notch Design – GoAheadlab (Anius, Bauce)
CG Leads – Kaism Lim, Azhan Karim, Madnas
Lead Compositors – Azhan Karim, Madnas
Compositors – Syazwan Nazzaruddin
CG Artist: Zhang Min Min, Guo Zhen Yu, Lv Dong Yang
Online Team – San Nai
Editor – Lumi, Yuan Yuan
Colour Grading – Kaism Lim, Sannai
Special Thanks To Cesar Caceres


Production Director: Dan Hamill
XR Producer: Petra von Schalien
Executive Producer: Jack James
Technical Director: Paul Nicholls
Project Manager: Mark Rooney
Systems Engineer: Laurence Dobie, Pete Hume
Brompton Engineer: Stuart Thatcher
LED Technicians: Jules Blagg, Adam Barthorpe
Disguise Support: Annalisa Terranova

Notch Artist (on-set): Alex Wilson
Mo-sys Technician: Martin Parsley, Asi San
Gaffa: Gary Churchil
Rigger: Tim Williams
Audio: Sonny Evans, Andy Carrington
1st AD: George Nelson
1st AC: Mike Linforth
2nd AC. Liam Reardon
DIT: Moses Jeremiah
Video Playback: Philippe Clavier
Remote Head Operator: James Davis
Grip 1: Tony Shults
Grip 2: Michael Farrell
Grip 3: David Bradshaw
Crane Technician: Tim Plunket
Hair & Make-Up: Carla Ramsey
Runner: Melina Bryant

Post Editing:

Director: Kristian Berg
Director: Mads Neset
Producer: Madeleine Kviljo
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
Director of Photography: Morten Forsberg
Musical Director: James Daniel Njie Eriksen
Backline & Playback Engineer: Nikolaj Gloppen
BTS Photo: Mo Sarmadawy
Edit: Mads Neset
Edit: Kristian Berg
Logger: Sondre Fagerborg
Colorist: Didrik Bråthen
VFX: Wirat Johannessen