Project Description

Azimuth Al-’Ula 2022

FRAY Studio added vibrant strokes of fluorescent light inspired by dawn and dusk to ancient landscapes for Azimuth Al-’Ula Festival.

In the late summer of 2022, FRAY Studio joined forces with MDLBeast and Cassius Creative to create a massive visual environment for Azimuth Music Festival in Al-’Ula, Saudi Arabia. The festival took place in the city’s majestic desert grounds which make up the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, including historical ruins that date back to the sixth century BC.

In designing their visuals, FRAY Studio drew on the festival’s location, the natural desert landscape around it, and the time of day at which the event began and ended. As such, they took sunrise and sunset as their muse. The team knew they needed to keep flexibility in mind, as they were required to run their visuals for undefined periods throughout the evening. Notch enabled them to follow both their creative vision and the festival’s guidelines without the need for looping materials.

FRAY created over twenty unique looks. Using their time wisely, they ensured they’d be able to sit and develop their ideas organically over time. The crew also made it a priority to have triggerable effects which they could alter during the show. Using a MIDI controller, they could change exposed parameters, such as speed and colour control, within each Block. With this setup, they could react to the music, lighting, and action brought to the stage by Kelis, Damian Lazarus, and many other DJs throughout the festival.

“We had a tight on-site schedule of three days to test our materials and programme two unique shows for each night. Working with Notch Blocks, we were able to edit live on the network and make quick changes responding to the imperfections and natural colour of the rock face.”

Kira May O’Brien, Associate Project Lead, FRAY Studio

Additional press coverage:
Content Media Solution, Arab News.

Client: MDLBeast
Production & Lighting Design: Cassius Creative
Video Design: FRAY Studio
Video Programmer: Konstantine Laptev
Lighting Programmers: Alex Noel & James Washer
Experiential Agency: Production Glue
Production Company: Ginger Owl
Systems Design: Media Pro

Stage Managers: Jonny Gaskell & Katya Ryblskaya
Lasers & SFX: ER Productions
Creative Direction, Design, & Project Lead: Henrique Ghersi
Associate Project Lead: Kira May O’Brien
Notch Artists: Henrique Ghersi, Kira May O’Brien, Jamie Kenny, & Lewis Bailey
Concept Direction: Adam Young & Finn Ross
Photography: Kira May O’Brien & MDLBeast