Project Description

The Biosphere Experience at COP27

-.618 created an immersive park taking audiences through the challenges and opportunities of the climate crisis at the UN Climate Change Conference.

The Biosphere Experience at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, was an immersive park that portrayed the climate crisis through seven distinct zones with seven unique themes. Each room offered an interactive journey highlighting the grave conditions of our planet and its organisms. 

Dino Egypt and OOPS TEAM contacted -.618 to help develop an engaging recreation area featuring video content to educate and inspire audiences. Working closely with the client, Art Director Dmitriy Papiz developed all visual components, and the rest of the team handled production.

The team used a TouchDesigner-based media server and Notch Blocks for all seven of the project’s zones. They first collected sensor data from tools like Kinect Azure and Lidar within TouchDesigner and exported all information to a Notch Block, with each zone featuring interactive elements influenced by specific sensors and processing techniques.

In the “Undersea” zone, the creative team used a Lidar-based touchscreen with Notch to create interactive fish behaviours responsive to user touch inputs. In the “Plants and Insects” zone, they used Notch to generate iridescent textures and insect movements using depth cameras. In the “Animals” and “Noosphere” zones, they used Kinect Azure to track movements, blending them with pre-rendered and real-time animation. Visitors were significantly impacted by the final experience and impressed by its intricate design.

“Notch expedited the production of all our animation–both pre-rendered and real-time. The broad scope of tasks it could manage and its fast implementation helped us meet our deadline.”

Evgeniy Bespalko, Technical Director, -.618

Additional press coverage:
Behance, The Guardian.

Client: Dino Egypt
in collaboration with OOPS TEAM
Creative Directors: Alexander Skorik & Dmitriy Papiz
Technical Director: Evgeniy Bespalko
Art Director: Dmitriy Papiz
Technical Support: Dmitriy Dubov & Mikhail Tumanov
Creative Producers: Alexey Zhuravlev, Yana Ekk, & Anna Getman

Notch Graphic Artists: Dmitriy Papiz, Igor Luganskiy, & Vadim Tumanov
TouchDesigner Programmers: Igor Kosyi & Dmitriy Dubov
Graphics Designers: Dmitriy Dubov, Igor Kosyi, Sergey Orlov, Nikita Omelnitsky, & Oleg Pasynkov
Sound: Alexandr Zaripov
Video Case: Timur Mametov