Project Description

Christian Louboutin ‘LoubiFuture’ Campaign

A collaboration between Christian Louboutin, artist Julien Granel and Les Vandales to create a retro-futuristic immersive experience.

For the launch of the new summer 2021 collection, shoe fashion designer Louboutin envisaged a new disruptive campaign: a virtual retro-futuristic world. A new advertising campaign was launched entitled ‘LoubiFuture’, seeing a partnership with artist Julien Granel, who aligned with Louboutin’s quirky, eccentric nature. 

Once the script was completed, the team created a detailed series of storyboards which served as a template for the construction of the 3D sets and backdrops

Les Vandales used Notch to create and render the virtual production itself. Despite being one of the largest sets and equipment decks they have ever worked on, they credit Notch with allowing the high level of artistic freedom to express their creativity, mixing the imaginary with reality; going beyond the physical limit of the set itself.

Louboutin received very positive reviews from digital media, press and international customers. The brand was proud of what Les Vandales were capable of achieving. Similarly, Les Vandales work was praised within the event industry network for the dedication to and quality of their work.

“At Les Vandales, we are really excited about making virtual production videos when it fits the project. Loubifuture was perfect for this, as we wanted to create a whole new world where the artist can wander around, play with scales, and even fly! Notch gave us the possibility to push the limits and create a world that goes beyond the usual fashion campaigns.

Camille Ottmann, Les Vandales

Additional press coverage:
Arty Mag, Forbes, CRFashionbook, Esquire Middle East.

Client: Christian Louboutin
Production: Les Vandales and Dazzle Live
Director: Antonin Chouard and Baptiste Ferrier
Artistic Direction : Les Vandales, Vincent Petitjean
Production of real-time 3D content: Les Vandales

Notch Artist: Alex le Guillou
XR Video Technology: ETC Onlyview
Light & Place: Impact Event
Director of Photography: Franz & Fritz
Photographer: William Lacalmontie