Project Description

Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams Tour

“Notch taking live video effects to a whole new level.”

This landmark tour is the seventh full-length tour of Coldplay’s 20-year career and it pulls no punches. From the stunning Production and Lighting Design by Paul Normandale to the beautifully painted set design by Misty Buckley to the lavish video elements designed by Video Director Ben Miles, the show is an explosion of colour that has gone from strength to strength on its world tour. RES were tasked by Ben with putting together an Ai media system with custom effects that could deliver not only pre-rendered content, but also live video effects on a whole new level. Utilising existing Ai techniques and a whole suite of Notch looks, they helped Ben and Leo deliver a set of captivating visual treatments. With Ben and Leo Flint at the helm of all things video, the tour began in South America, before taking on Europe then North America. The tour was powered by eight Ai R6 media servers and host of other production equipment.


Production and Lighting Designer: Paul Normandale
Production Designer: Misty Buckley
Video Director: Ben Miles
Content Ai Effects: RES
Video Programmer: Leo Flint
Media Servers: Avolites Ai R6

Photographs: Sarah Rushton-Read / TPR Magazine

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