Project Description

Jungle 2021 Tour 

Boxcat Studio and Cassius Creative use visuals and lighting to create architectural illusions of depth for Jungle’s 2021 world tour.

Jungle had a clear vision of how they wanted to use the LED for their 2021 UK, USA and Europe tour. Boxcat Studio and Cassius Creative helped the band create a performance space that was reactive to their music, and that also created an illusion of depth.

Boxcat Studio set to work creating a show that could change on the fly. The visual design workflow needed to be flexible and allow last-minute changes. Designer Alex Wilson used Notch to link the band’s sounds to visual elements that would change in real-time. The result was an architectural Bauhaus aesthetic that made the most out of the stage design and worked in tandem with Cassius Creative’s lighting design to create a spectacular stage design that appeared larger and deeper than it was in reality. 

“We created versions for both the touring rig and a “festival” version. So having the ability to make changes quickly was key here. Notch gave us an ability to change things much faster compared to other software workflows.”

Alex Wilson, Boxcat Studio

Additional press coverage:
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Client: Jungle
Notch Designer: Alex Wilson (Boxcat Studio)
Production & Lighting Designer: Cassius Creative