Project Description


STATE: LUCID combines media installation and performance using Notch to create an immersive theatre experience.

STATE: LUCID is an installation project created by designer and director Robi Voigt in collaboration with the University of the Arts Zurich. The research project, centred around the dramaturgy of dreams, was performed at Zurich University of the Arts Immersive Arts Space in November 2020.

Robi’s vision was to create a “machine” or “dream-maker” that would react symbiotically to the movements of dancer Mira Studer. The team implemented several technical workflows which appeared completely invisible to the audience. Motion tracking technology created a playful symbiosis, between projected video and movement. Real-time reactive video processing and data visualisation in Notch stand-alone fed visuals to five projectors, blurring the boundaries between real and imagined worlds. Immersed in the performance, the audience was lulled into a meditative state, blissfully unaware of the intricate network of technologies working hard behind the scenes.

“I did not just want to have live generated video projections and sounds. I was more interested in creating a “machine” or “dream-maker” in which the software could define the physical circumstances of the dream. That was all possible with Notch.  The integration of systems was very impressive. All of the video content was created and manipulated by the dancer in real-time with no noticeable delay at all.”

Robi Voigt, director

A project by Robi Voigt
Robi Voigt – concept, installation, director, video
Mira Studer – dance, choreography
Stella Speziali – interaction design
Friederike Helmes – costumes, lighting, collaboration installation

David Eliah Bangerter – composition, sound
Stefanie Olbort – dance, choreography
Line Eberhard – the eye from outside
Technical Support – Martin Fröhlich, Tobias Baumann, Eric Larrieux, Viktoras Zemeckas, Hans-Jürg Hofman, Matthias Röhm, Lukas Keller, Thomas Utzinger, Michel Weber, Lucien Sadkowski, Dominik Fedier
In cooperation with the Immersive Arts Space / Zurich University of the Arts