Project Description

Der Schwarm Kommt at re:publica 2022

flora&faunavisions transported audiences to an underwater universe inspired by a modern classic of German sci-fi at re:publica 2022.

For re:publica 2022, German television channel ZDF organised an event to introduce a first audience to their upcoming sci-fi series, Der Schwarm, based on the bestselling novel by Frank Schätzing. After ZDF approached Berlin’s flora&faunavisions about creating an immersive experience for the event, the studio quickly became inspired by elements of the book, which revolves around a mysterious underwater creature that brings deadly consequences for humans–a reminder of the effects our actions have had on Earth’s oceans.

flora&faunavisions began by imagining four different water worlds across the event space’s 22-metre wall and LED screen to evoke the same mystery found in Schätzing’s novel. The water worlds morphed in mood, accompanying different topics discussed by an onstage panel. Within the opening sequence, for instance, a large wave slowly formed out of particles in the water, rolled along the wall past the audience, and swirled together in a mysterious circle on the large stage screen.

The team worked closely with the scriptwriters of the show to develop a visual language that would suitably adapt their story’s central vision to the event space’s abstract environment. With the help of Notch Designer Andi Schindler, they crafted particle loops with an emphasis on depth, hoping to capture a sense of abyss across their projection and screen canvases.

“Our main challenge was to evoke different liquid states with specific movements and some creature-like behaviours. A Notch-based workflow enriched and smoothened production, allowing us to create an underwater world that was both transportive and timely.”

Daria A. Moussavi, Assistant Creative Producer, flora&faunavisions

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Digital Immersive Experience, Concept, & Production: flora&faunavisions
Client: ZDF
Lead Agency: Nest One GmbH
Creative Director: Leigh Sachwitz
Senior Creative Producer & Concept Director: Ben Tritschler

Assistant Creative Producer: Daria A. Moussavi
Art Director & Houdini Artist: Lukas Müller
Notch Designer: Andi Schindler for flora&faunavisions