Project Description

El Alma de la Ciudad

The Costa Rican cultural installation blends tradition and a sense of space with immersive storytelling techniques.

The soul of the city – El Alma de la Ciudad – was an immersive installation in the centre of San José with more than 3000 visitors in 5 days. 

In Costa Rica, numerical nomenclature is not used for addresses. Addresses are based on landmarks or iconic places, with some no longer existing. Bavaria wanted to connect citizens with the Soul of the City and offered its visitors an immersive experience to celebrate some of these places.

To tell the stories of these places, creators at Out Studio mixed real-time content with interactive scenes and precise lighting programming. Audiovisual content, interactive scenes, light and sound sequences were designed to achieve this.

Notch’s flexibility, customisation and integration capabilities allowed us to implement this project quickly, accurately, and with great iteration capacity. We used Notch for all the installation elements; from the production of real-time content to interactive and lighting scenes.

Nicolás Bautista, Co-founder, OUT Studio

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Client: Bavaria
Production Company: JOGO
Production Design: OUT Studio
Creative Direction: OUT Studio
Notch Designer: Nicolás Bautista
Tuio and Timecode Integration: Luis Quesada
Video Director: Sebastián Castro

Video Producers: Manuel Umaña
Lighting Designer: Diego Zúñiga
Animator: Sebastián Castro

OUT Studio
Demo Reel
Instagram: @outcostarica