Project Description

Ellie Goulding: New Heights and Brightest Blue

Pulse Films and Nocte Studio create a sublime real-time virtual set for Ellie Goulding’s performance of ‘Brightest Blue’ and ‘New Heights’.

To launch her new album ‘Brightest Blue’, Ellie Goulding performed ‘Brightest Blue’ and ‘New Heights’ to an online audience via Vevo. The performance features a virtual set design that reflects the emotion and sentiment of the two singles. Acclaimed director Giorgio Testi of Pulse Films had the vision to create something in between a music video and a live performance. Giorgio collaborated with a specialist in the field of live visual design Nocte’s Andrea Cuius to deliver the virtual production.

Together with Vevo UK and the Ellie Goulding team, Giorgio and Andrea developed a creative solution to enable Goulding to perform in an immersive environment. Andrea chose Notch as his real-time content generation tool to create the virtual set and AR front plate elements for the performance at MARS Studios. Andrea and Giorgio were able to create moody, atmospheric environments and realistic smoke effects that could be rendered and applied in real-time. The splendidly dreamy visuals in Ellie Goulding’s performance did not go unnoticed by fans who commented:
“Even when we’re in the middle of a pandemic and we can’t go to live shows, Ellie and her team are doing an amazing job with all this content. Brightest Blue is such a balm to the soul”
“This is what perfection looks and sounds like.”

“Giorgio Testi and I wanted to approach this project collaboratively, streamlining the process and keeping the workflow as flexible as possible. Notch was the perfect tool; we could quickly try things out and share initial designs and camera movements with the client. Considering XR is still seen as uncharted territory; being able to share ideas with clients quickly was crucial. Notch does an excellent job in streamlining the process, providing a consistent workflow and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with real-time graphics.”

Andrea Cuius, creative director, Nocte

Director: Giorgio Testi
Creative Director: Andrea Cuius
Vevo Executive Producer: Claudia De Wolff
Vevo Senior Producer: Nick Calafato
Producer: Isabel Davis
Line Producer: Amy Rattray
Production Coordinator: Millie Rose Wells
Production: Nocte Studio, Pulse Films
Video & Xr Content: Nocte Studio
3d/Notch Designers: Mike Wilson, Lewis Kyle White
Associate Designer: Irem Bugdayci
Vevo Talent Relations: Carl Young
Vevo Design: Charlee Twigg
Colourist: Paul Dimond At My Brother Bob
Assistant Editor: Ben Boullier
Dop: James Medcraft
1st Ad: Paul Mccann
1st Ac: Alex Bender

2nd Ac: Alex Collings
Gaffer: Dom Aronin
Grip: Charlie Wall, Simon Thorpe
Electrician: Bill Rae Smith
Electrician Trainee: Oliver Flanigan
Runner: Nana Quartey
Photography: Ryan Saradjola
2nd Camera Operator: Simone Pellegrini
Dit: Sohpie Baggaley
Desk Operator: Matt Owen
Playback Operator: Nick Forrester
Grip: Charlie Wall
Jib Op: Simon Thorpe
Musical Director: Matt Robertson
Mix Engineer: Nick Ingram
Monitor Engineer: Laurie Binns
Shot At: Mars Studios
Catering: Fayre Do’s
Photographer: Ryan Saradjola