Project Description

Future Vision VJ Showcase

Notch-driven VJ performance for UK’s leading electronic music label UKF.

Cursor Video and electronic music label UKF teamed up for a VJ set for the music community’s Future Vision set of online streaming events in 2021. They worked with DJ Noah B, whose set had a constant moody, gig-like atmosphere. Cursor videos were given a clear but unrestrictive brief; to play on continuity and infinity possibilities with repetitive geometric circular designs that ‘give the appearance of an optical illusion’. Future Vision used these visual motifs to align with the brand’s core value, the continuous journey, growth, and infinite possibilities.

Jamie from Cursor Video wanted to keep the looks simple but effective for each song by Noah, with the structure of the music leading the main direction of what happens in each ‘scene’. After experimenting with modifiers and effects, these were controlled using MIDI to react with the live music directly. The ability to adapt the software to suit creative inspiration was beneficial whilst building the visualisers for the show.

The final performance garnered positive feedback during the live stream, and the experience has prompted Cursor Video to create bespoke Notch blocks for future productions.

“I knew from the outset that I wanted to build and record the entire set in Notch, working within a real-time environment whilst also benefiting from recorded MIDI inputs meant I could take my time layering up lots of interactions without losing track of a live VJ’d feel.”

Jamie Shaw, Cursor Video

Client: UKF
Creative Direction: UKF and Cursor Video
Notch Designer: Jamie Shaw
Facebook: @cursorvisual
Vimeo: Cursor Video