Project Description

Genius DaVinci Production

flora&faunavisions, on behalf of BIG Entertainment, created an immersive and interactive show about Leonardo da Vinci.

With ambitions to celebrate the vast range of disciplines his work covered, his paintings were recreated into an immersive and interactive experience based in Berlin.

The one-hour show alternates between linear storytelling and interactive moments. Taking place in a single space allowed the content to constantly develop along with a clear storyline, moving from wall to ground, to the centrepiece of the room; a cube with projections onto three of its sides.

In designing the show in this way, the story could become interactive at certain intervals as it passed through and under where different visitors were watching. This enhanced the interactive experience further too; not only were some of the segments triggered by visitor’s movements themselves, but the story sections were also just as inclusive. 

Genius is unique in its storytelling. The back and forth between linear content and interactivity on the same surfaces presented some challenges. We were working with layers of content and on multiple surfaces at once. Using Notch, we managed to realise our complex ambitions and integrate multiple interactive moments throughout the show.

Leigh Sachwitz, Founder and Creative Lead, flora&faunavisions Gmbh

Additional press coverage:
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Producer & Copyright Owner: Borealis Interactive Group B.V.
Concept & Multimedia Creation: flora&faunavisions GmbH
Lead Notch Designer: Andreas Schindler
Tracking Solution: Stage Precision

Notch Designer: Duncan McDade
Music: Sasha (DJ-UK)
Photographer: ken schluchtmann