Project Description

Halsey on The Ellen Show

All of it Now and Moment Factory use a virtual production workflow to create a mystical doorway for Halsey’s performance on The Ellen Show.

Halsey’s live performance of Graveyard on The Ellen Show in October 2019 surprised the live audience and viewers at home by revealing a portal to another universe. The performance, which has been viewed 3 million times on Youtube, features a special augmented reality moment created in Notch. Moment Factory and All of it Now created the visual design for the performance. The team wanted to create the illusion of walking through a doorway into an alternate reality. All of it Now handled the real-time content creation in Notch.

The all-white bedroom set the scene for Halsey’s barefoot performance, and for the final camera move, a StYpe tracked camera enters into an abstract world via a previously empty door frame. The bemused studio audience were surprised to see themselves and Halsey from this new perspective on the studio monitors while viewers at home were left asking “how on earth?”.

“While working with Halsey and Moment Factory on her upcoming tour, we were asked to create something striking for her guest performance on The Ellen Show. Our R&D team had been developing some AR elements in Notch, which we were keen to try in a live broadcast scenario. The speed and flexibility of Notch enabled us to adapt the R&D project into a design that suited Halsey’s brand. In no time we had finalized a new creative concept ready for the show, and we were confident working in Notch that we would be able to pull off the effect.”

“While on set, the ability to position and calibrate graphics in real-time made our process much easier. Notch’s XR and virtual production toolset has enabled us to rethink the possibilities of real-time graphics in live environments.”

Berto Mora, AR producer/technical director, All of it Now

Client: Halsey
Production Design: Moment Factory
Creative Direction: Tarik Mikou (Moment Factory)
Notch Designer: Kevin Zhu, Berto Mora

AR Producers/Technical Director: Berto Mora
Executive Producer: Danny Firpo
Additional Content: Moment Factory
Equipment Vendor: All of it Now, StYpe
Media Server: disguise gx2c