Project Description

Highlighting the Bristol Beacon with ‘Intermission’

‘Intermission’ is a ground-breaking collaboration between the creative multimedia studio Limbic Cinema, Bristol-based live electronic band Scalping, and renowned music venue Bristol Beacon.

Todd Wills, artistic director of Bristol Beacon,  wanted to create something more visceral and exciting than just a band’s live stream. Working with Limbic Cinema, they transformed the outdoor venue using the digital experience to highlight newly discovered textures and brickwork. 

Intermission has involved capturing large amounts of volumetric footage before bringing them together in Notch.  The team captured photogrammetry of the building’s spaces and were provided models from the building contractor who have captured the construction process throughout, alongside 3D assets from Scalping. Once the Volumetric Capture and photogrammetry had been processed, Notch allowed the exploration of using 3D elements together with other assets and effects in a way that would have been much more rigid and time-consuming previously.

The final result was a well-balanced showing of the physical spaces of Bristol Beacon in its state of transformation and creating exciting visuals that matched Scalpings sound and already well-developed aesthetic.

“One of the most interesting things about Notch for me is the merging of 2D and 3D; it enabled experimentation and post effects on top of 3D content all at the same time. In the past, 3D would be rendered and then either composited or mixed in VJ software. This new workflow allows more creative time to play.

Tom Price, Limbic Cinema

Client: Bristol Beacon
Production Company: Limbic Cinema
Notch Designer: Tom Price