Project Description

Hybrid Minds at OVO Arena Wembley

Boxcat Studio created a simple but powerful chiaroscuro portal around a floating DJ booth in a milestone show for Hybrid Minds.

Earlier this year, Boxcat Studio created visuals for the Hybrid Minds show at Wembley Arena. They designed their looks to add depth and motion and accentuate their centerpiece: a floating DJ booth stage designed by Sam Tozer of Vision Factory. Notch Designer & Video Director Alex Wilson wanted to use this show to display how just a few light sources could make a massive difference on such a large-scale screen.

Wilson set out to create several looks, the first of which was a flipbook-style animation. He used A.I. image generation tools and imported the sequences into Notch to create the effects and control their colour grade. For another look, Wilson used Notch to add glitch and morph effects on top of generated and upscaled digital watercolour paintings varying in style.

Wilson exclusively used Notch for the last two looks. For the first, he created a virtual DJ booth within a 3D space and aligned it to the actual booth on stage. He then placed lights before the show to cast shadows across the stage and accentuate the physical booth with minimal lights. For the final look, Wilson created a particle portal featuring eight million particles that interacted with the booth position using colliders and modifiers in Notch. The show marked a step forward into a new era for Hybrid Minds.

“No other software would allow me to simulate and iterate eight million particles without breaking a sweat.”

Alex Wilson, Notch Designer & Video Director, Boxcat Studio

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Client: Hybrid Minds
Production Company: NTRP
Production Designer & Creative Director: Sam Tozer (Vision Factory)

Notch Designer & Video Director: Alex Wilson (Boxcat Studio)
Lighting Designer: Alexander Hesse (A Light Production)
Photographers: Khali Ackford & Sam Neill