Project Description

Hyundai Electronics LatAm Convention 2022

In May 2022, Vinilo Lab created a stunning show highlighting the latest technology for the Hyundai Electronics LatAm Convention in Pereira, Colombia.

Hyundai showcased new products for distributors in Central and South America at this year’s LatAm Convention. For the event, Vinilo Lab were tasked with presenting an environment completely defined by new technology. To begin with, they were told only that they must fill the main stage with a 3D electronic billboard and that all material should be introduced in a totally original way.

To make this lofty goal more concrete, they set out to integrate various techniques, adding interactive screens to showcase all of the products Hyundai Electronics were launching. In doing so, they had the advantage of manipulating their content in real time with the help of Notch, which was used from beginning to end. As Eduardo Ortega, CEO of Vinilo Lab and Notch designer, explained, the team rendered the main show entirely on-site with Notch. Then, to control the exhibition of the products, they sent blocks created in Notch through Pandoras Box servers at 60 frames per second.

The creative team appreciated having the freedom to adjust the contents of the Hyundai-approved products both on the main stage and on the interactive screen. Throughout the event, guests even approached the team to comment on the sophisticated staging.

“We were only able to successfully create this show because of Notch’s ability to edit blocks on-site as we were notified of the final approved products. It took only a few minutes to render the introduction, which would have been impossible had we used more traditional tools. Notch greatly facilitated the workflow, and as a result, we delivered the content exactly as the client wanted it.”

Eduardo Ortega, CEO & Notch Designer, Vinilo Lab

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Hyundai Electronics Colombia
Production Company: Vinilo Lab
Production Design: Vinilo Lab

Notch Designer: Eduardo Ortega
Lighting Designer: Alfredo Sarmiento