Project Description

IBM Cloud and AI Forum

Design studio dreamlaser create a dynamic virtual hosting environment in Notch for IBM Russia’s digital Cloud and AI forum.

IBM Russia wanted to communicate their cloud and AI services to their customers in a format that delivered informative and engaging content accompanied by 3D visuals. Production studio dreamlaser established a virtual production stage for the event and produced the real-time content using Notch as their content creation tool.

With a vision to create a visually informative and aesthetically immersive environment, dreamlaser took inspiration from IBM’s product ‘Cloud Paks’. Cloud Paks includes principles of technological effectiveness, clear infrastructure and freedom in data movement. To reflect this in the visual design, dreamlaser created cubes that change depending on the camera angle and AR infographics that supported the speakers messages. StYpe’s RedSpy camera tracking system fed informational data from 3 cameras (including a 20-meter telescopic crane) to various media servers. Notch’s native server support, SkYpe support and parameter export feature delivered a smooth integration from the digital to the physical world. dreamlaser took advantage of the workflow, expanding the virtual environment to infinity and capturing dynamic camera angles and moves. IBM Russia’s digital Cloud and AI forum broadcast live from XR studio “ENTHUSIAST”, Moscow, Russia in November 2020.

“We needed a virtual production-friendly workflow that allowed us to make changes on the fly and meet specific hardware specifications. We chose Notch for this project because we knew we could rely on its integration with sType and disguise. Throughout production, we could make changes with ease and be able to meet our hardware requirements to keep track of resources using the built-in Notchmark.”

Nata Maximenko, dreamlaser

Client: G&G Marketing Communications / IBM Russia
Production Company: dreamlaser
Production Design: dreamlaser
Creative Direction: Anton Kolodyazhny
Project Manager : Anastasia Merkulova
Notch Designer: Anton Maers
Video Director: Andrey Rymarev
Producer: Anna Kostyan

Animators: Kirill Mahin, Daniil Mahin
Supervisor : Arseny Tyurin
Graphic designer : Ekaterina Chetverikova
Technical Manager : Alexander Mochalov
Video engineer NOTCH : Alexander Balyberdin
Video engineer : Konstantin Laptev