Project Description

Imposter Interactive Installation 2021

Intus produces an interactive installation investigating drug abuse and its impact on the brain, commissioned by Artechouse.

Imposter is an interactive audiovisual installation that visualises drug abuse effects on neuro-connections by mimicking, blocking or producing neurotransmitters related to our reward system. As part of a public exhibition ‘Life of a Neuron’ commissioned by Artechouse in association with the Society for Neuroscience, ‘Imposter’ comes together with pieces to offer a vision of the human brain, uniting immersive art with the technology of avant-garde and science.

The project was carried out across a multidisciplinary team; work began through a brief from Artechouse and the Society of Neuroscience, based on the research and guidelines of the scientist Eric Nestler. The goal was to allow visitors to feel inside a digital brain and observe in real-time the effect caused by your presence in that space.

The different ways of interacting in the space were tested through screens, motion sensors and lighting through programmable LED strips and fibre optics. The development of visuals generated in the Notch tool was fundamental, allowing the concept of the piece to be represented more optimally and managing to reach the point thought from the creative process.

The installation had a great reception from the public, becoming a significant space within the exhibition. Visitors loved that the piece involved them physically, making them part of the artwork themselves. The audience reacted enthusiastically when they discovered they were able to influence and control the movements of the art in real-time.

Gil Castro, Co-founder and Director, Intus

Additional press coverage:
Society of Neuroscience, TimeOut, Brain Facts

Client: The Hiveh
Production Company: Artechouse
Creative Direction: Gil Castro

Notch Designer: Gil Castro
Production: Héctor Luna