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Jack White: Boarding House Reach Tour

“Notch is a really instinctive software. It’s powerful so we can create a lot of effects and it’s just really practical. We used it for the first time on Jack White’s world tour and we will use it again for sure.”

In March of this year solo artist, Jack White released his third studio album: Boarding House Reach. To support the release, Jack White went on tour with Monotone and Luz Studio. Creative Director of Luz Studio Matthieu Larivée talks to Notch about his experiences creating for the Boarding House Reach tour.

“Jack White has a very strong visual style that runs across all his platforms. It was essential that blue was the focal colour used and that all visual elements be grouped in threes. At the start of production, we were briefed that the entire show would run live – no setlists, setlists aren’t Jack’s style”. Matthieu needed a tool that could facilitate the creation of interesting, contemporary content – whilst giving them the freedom to adapt this content live. Matthieu chose Notch.

Luz animators, Sebastien Tilly and Jonas Libon used Notch to create 3D interactive environments. As there would be no setlist to work with, the team created visuals that could be used on multiple songs, as well as some set pieces for specific tracks. They used many audio reactive nodes, which, during the shows would use live audio feeds to drive their animations.

During a two month production period Sebastien and Jonas created a library of looks and animations in Notch. The moment of truth lay in their final week of production: live rehearsals. Here they would see how their interactive content fitted with the live band. Jack White and his team loved the looks, during the week of rehearsals only a few minor changes were requested. With Notch, tweaks and changes could be made with the client on the spot, and the design signed off instantaneously.

Once live, Video Director Rob McShane used Notch to control virtual and stage lighting live and in unison.

Jack White shows have an undeniably ‘live’ feel, the entire production is reactive – from the audio reactive nodes to Rob on the mixing desk. With Notch, Luz’s team was able to create a versatile set of polished designs, which could be adapted to various songs. Throughout the tour, the team have had the freedom to explore, experiment and continuously excite their audience.


Client: Jack White
Production Company: Monotone
Production Design: Luz Studio
Creative Direction: Luz Studio
Video Director: Rob Mcshane
Video Producers: Luz Studio
Lighting Designer: Luz Studio
Animator: Luz Studio
Equipment Vendor: Upstaging USA, NEG Earth/Video Design UK
Media Server: Hippotizer Boreal

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