Project Description

Journey: 2018 Tour

Notch seamlessly blends IMAG footage for a truly immersive experience.

Last spring-summer Kenn Koubek and George M Murphy of Planet Ten created show content for Journey’s world tour with Def Leppard. Their seamless combination of IMAG, 3D scenes and lighting design drew acclaim from PLSN, voting their show one of the top ten of 2018. George M Murphy explains how Planet Ten created a modern classic with Notch:

“Kenn Koubek and I have been brothers since birth and business partners since 2011. Planet Ten, a full-service creative studio based in Delaware, USA, was founded as an opportunity to create the kind of content that we grew up enjoying together. We’ve produced content for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, House Industries, Maersk, Dassault Aviation, Discovery Networks, and more.”

“We’ve worked with Journey several times over the years, most recently designing a new logo wall for 2017’s ‘Classic Festivals’. The 2018 summer tour marked our first chance to design the show from the ground up alongside LD and show designer Kevin ‘Deuce’ Christopher. Deuce wanted to do something innovative that turned heads while still feeling true to the band’s brand.”

“We wanted to strike a nostalgic chord with fans by reinterpreting classic Journey artwork using 3D modelling in Notch. We planned to use a combination of immersive scenes, motion graphic sequences and Notch IMAG effects to seamlessly blend the curated content design with the experiential multi-cam show feed.”



“Notch allowed us to live-render 3D scenes for two of the biggest numbers in the show – ‘Separate Ways’ and ‘Be Good To Yourself’. These tracks featured re-imaginations of Journey’s instantly-recognizable album covers. ‘Separate Ways’ features a slow reveal of Elmo, the iconic helmeted alien from the cover of ‘Frontiers’.”

“‘Be Good To Yourself’ explores the JRNY radio station from the cover of ‘Raised on Radio’, and includes IMAG footage projected onto 3D models in Notch. Both models were built in Lightwave by our modeller, Adam Cruz. The integration with Lightwave’s modelling engine worked great for these. We also used Notch for a range of IMAG effects, my favorite emulates drummer Steve Smith’s long-exposure streak paintings. This look was perfect for his drum solo.”


“Notch’s ability to blend IMAG footage seamlessly into the production design made for a truly immersive experience. I feel like we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities.”

“The result was a revamped and hot-rodded rock-and-roll spectacular, beloved by both fans and the band.”


Client: Journey / Nomota LLC
Production Company: Planet Ten
Show Designer / Lighting Designer: Kevin “Deuce” Christopher
Creative Direction: Kevin “Deuce” Christopher
Video Director (IMAG / Tour): John McLeish
Motion / Animation Director: Kenn Koubek
Art Direction: George Murphy
Video Director (Film Unit): George Murphy
Video Producers: Kenn Koubek & George Murphy
Animators: Kenn Koubek, Adam Cruz, & Adam Henderson
Designers: Adam Cruz, George Murphy & Bailey Kung
3D Modeling / Rigging: Adam Cruz
Cinematography / Motion Control: Andrés Torres, Nathan Vitale
Additional Cinematography: William DiJessa
Timelapse Assistants: Adam Henderson, Cheyenne Jones, Steve Recchia
Notch Programming Support: Andy Babin (Control Freak Systems)
Equipment Vendor: Control Freak Systems
Media Server: disguise gx2