Project Description

Lil Baby at Made in America Festival 2021

T2 Visuals used Notch’s background removal feature to create a fiery IMAG effects package for Lil Baby’s Made In America Festival 2021 performance.

FRAMEWORX and producer Amish Dani wanted boundary-pushing visuals for Lil Baby’s Made In America Festival performance. They approached T2 Visuals to create a package of IMAG looks that captured the dynamic energy of Lil Baby’s performance. T2 Visuals’ Tanner Thompson chose Notch and the new real-time background removal tool in Notch (in collaboration with NVIDIA) to create live visual effects that emphasised the presence of the artist.

Tanner captured the festival’s IMAG camera streams and processed them live on a custom-built RTX Titan server dedicated to Notch effects. That was then captured in a Resolume server run by Ivan Ceron.

The concert opened with the stage cast in deep blue light, and when Lil Baby took to the stage, he appeared on the IMAG screens with an unmissable electric glow. Through captivating looks that struck Lil Baby with lightning and set him on fire, T2 Visuals were able to present the star as the show’s clear focal point.

“Notch’s real-time effects in combination with background removal were perfect for spicing up live video feeds and spotlighting the performing artist. Overall, we were very impressed with Notch.”

Tanner Thompson, T2 Visuals

Additional press coverage:

Client: Lil Baby
Creative Production Company: FRAMEWORX
Executive/Creative Producer: Amish “Ameesh Capeesh” Dani 
EP/Tour Director: Anthony “Tone” Lopez
Production Design: Ivan Ceron, Ben Van Brande, Davey Martinez
Video Programming and Operation: Ivan Ceron

Notch Programming and Operation: Tanner Thompson
Lighting Programming and Operation: Max McDougall
Art Direction: Samantha Ashcraft
Screens Content: FRAMEWORX Team