Project Description

MAD: Legend of the Light

“The fast feedback and the intuitive workflow gives you the energy and time to explore more and more possibilities.”

INFINITYZM is an aerial dance performance piece featuring champion flyers from all around the world. This eight-episode production would be the first of its kind featuring captivating flying dancers and spectacular interactive visuals.

László Bordos is a Hungary based 3D artist and specialist in 3D mapping and projection: “With eighteen years experience as a 3D artist discovering Notch was more than a revelation! After so much time spent rendering, working in real-time with Notch is refreshing.”

Founder of MAD and wind tunnel sports enthusiast László Laki contacted Bordos explaining the project and his aspirations. He would be producing an aerial dance piece featuring dancers on the ground and in the air. He envisioned projections that would interact with the aerial performers and knew that Bordos had the knowledge to make this happen. Bordos knew that the project would be technically challenging and took it on exactly for that reason.

During a two month pre-production period László Bordos worked with András Nagy and Árpád Szrnka to create custom content. However, the heavy lifting began two weeks ahead of the production, on location at the Madrid Flying Center. Creating projections which would project onto and interact with the aerial dancers was technically challenging. Bordos and his friends tried several body mapping techniques: “We tried a whole range of other solutions” however none were giving the level of sensitivity they needed to keep up with the movements of the aerial dancers: “finally we tried Notch. Using Notch with an SDI input card and camera we tested mapping our animations onto the aerial dancers. The results were unbelievable. Notch was incredibly fast in creating complex-looking content with exceptionally low latency”.


Client: Modern Aerial Dance Company (MAD)
Production Company: MAD Company
Production Design:  László Laki
Creative Direction:  László Bordos
Video Director:  Luka Kostil
Director of Photography:  Karoly Spah
Video Producers: László Laki
Lighting Designer:  Balázs Nagy
Animator: László Bordos
Additional Content:  András Nagy, Árpád Szrnka
Technical Director: Ferenc Sárkány
Equipment Vendor:  Visualpower Kft.
Media Server:  Coolux

Project Category

Broadcast & Film