Project Description

The Projected Desert

Cocolab uses projection mapping and Notch to immerse the public in the worlds of ten renowned artists.

Projected Desert was created by the Meow Wolf Team and developed in collaboration with Cocolab. The Projected Desert combines artworks from Alex and Allyson Grey, Luke Brown, Tetramode, Android Jones, and original music from Brian Eno into an immersive installation.

Meow Wolf’s Corvas Brinkerhof envisaged a breathtaking installation in which the audience travels through a desert in an altered state. The Projected Desert is a 36-foot-tall, 4,000sq ft rock canyon upon which every surface is projection-mapped with mesmerizing artworks. Cocolab began by interweaving original paintings, videos, photographs and illustrations from contributing artists into a detailed composition. They chose Notch as their render engine and content creation tool for creating visual effects and particle animations. Using the Notch LC facilitated a fast production process and rendered millions of pixels at an extraordinary scale. The Las Vegas-based immersive experience is an unprecedented collaboration of visionary artists and is now open to members of the public who wish to alter their state of consciousness.

“Notch is both a robust content creation environment and an extremely fast render tool.  Even working with complex scenes, our team could fine-tune their scenes and make non-destructive adjustments throughout the design journey. Using the NotchLC codec has significantly reduced our render times and allowed us to increase our creative output.”

Josué Ibáñez, Partner and New Technologies Director of Cocolab

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Client: Meow Wolf
Production Company: Cocolab
Creative Direction: Corvas Brinkerhof

Cocolab Team:
Pablo Azuela Suárez
Adriana Hernández Sasso
Héctor Ordóñez Mora

Josué Ibáñez Cruz
Cecilia Valera
Otto Israel Sánchez
Guillaume Pouchoux
Santiago Russek
Victor Díaz

Andrea Nava
Jose Luis Pedraza
Arturo Paredes
Bertha Morán

Francisco Soto
Jose Luis Patiño
Rodrigo Hilario
Emmanuel Asperó

Jorge Agustín Enríquez Rivas
Heber Iván García Rodríguez
Gustavo Rangel
Miguel Ángel López Estañol
Marcos Raúl González Barcenas
Humberto Zamorate Lugo
Francisco Gerardo Piña Flores
Luis Chávez Luna
Óskar Emigdio Mena Terres
Ana Elena Martínez Tejeda
Abraham Martínez Guerra
Omar Torres Ortuño
Kathia Iris León Arroyo
Renata Rionda Mata
Koosuke Julián Amezcua Furuya
Marco Rodrigo Mier González
Renata Galindo Prieto
Karen Yazmín Asiain Guerrero
María Fernanda Urbina Durán
David Camiro