Project Description

Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time World Tour

Raw Cereal and Visual Endeavors made visuals for Morgan Wallen’s latest tour, using Notch to highlight memories from the singer’s past.

Country superstar Morgan Wallen’s team recently approached Raw Cereal to create visuals for the singer’s One Night At A Time World Tour. The team immediately chose Notch for its ability to manipulate live video feeds in real time and its flexibility and versatility with a wide range of effects, from subtle enhancements to bold and dramatic transformations.

They decided to use highly tuned LUTs and colour correction which they applied much more heavily in some songs than others; the Raw Cereal team gave Notch Designer Aron Altmark of Visual Endeavors ample creative freedom, which helped the team arrive at the most innovative ideas possible. Their colour treatment consisted of film grain, vignettes, colour handles exposed to disguise, and extreme edge detection and glitch effects to complement the onstage lighting and pyro.

As Raw Cereal’s Cort Lawrence notes, Notch was very convenient for creating cohesion between all screens. Altmark ran effects in several layers on disguise gx3 servers, setting up multiple camera inputs for each bus coming from the switcher so that individual feeds could be seen on both screens. The team also used Notch’s Background Removal feature to blend their different materials further.

One of Altmark’s favourite effects was for “More Than My Hometown,” for which they layered archival photos and videos of Wallen, adding a warm nostalgia to the night. Though initially unsure how to integrate all parts, the team quickly devised an effect in Notch based on a film strip of live video effects scrolling underneath the photo montage of rendered content.

“Even in moments of uncertainty, we could craft compositions that looked intentional and beautiful, with Notch greatly complementing our content.”

Aron Altmark, Notch Designer & Screen Producer, Visual Endeavors

Additional press coverage:
NZ Herald, Music Mayhem Magazine.

Client: Morgan Wallen
Production Company: Raw Cereal
Creative Direction: Anders Rahm & Cort Lawrence (Raw Cereal)
Notch Designer & Screen Producer: Aron Altmark (Visual Endeavors

Video Director: Alan Wieme
Lighting Designer: Zac Coren
Animators: Raw Cereal Team (Brandon Rosado, Natalie Hall, Billy Woods, Caisar Hadi, Darrion Granieri, Andrey Shcherbinin, Taylor Ross, Daniel Bigelow, Brian Egan, Joe Vassar, & Agustin Esquibel)