Project Description

Bryson Tiller’s TrapSoul World Series concert

Xite Labs blur the boundaries of reality for Bryson Tiller’s live stream concert on Momenthouse.

Xitelabs delivered a reliable and fast virtual production workflow for Bryson Tiller’s live stream concert on Momenthouse. Each of the performance spaces contained dynamic and musically impactful front plate and back plate virtual content, which was seamlessly married on a disguise gx2c server.

The 92 Group briefed Xite Labs on the creative direction of four virtual worlds in which Bryson Tiller would perform. Each scene needed to communicate depth and scenic transformation while perfectly matching the music’s tone and feeling. The team rendered front plate elements in Notch, which they composited with backplate scenes from Unreal Engine in disguise. Using Notch’s bespoke rendering features, Xite Labs created foliage, atmospheric effects, zero gravity furniture and a dreamy ring nebula system. The program received excellent reviews from the live viewing audience in the Momenthouse chat room. One viewer commented, “Bryson Tiller’s TrapSoul World Series concert visuals are on another level. They fit the vibe of the music perfectly.” Another viewer wrote: “Bryson Tiller wins best visuals for virtual concerts because this is insane. Whoever worked on these truly deserves the best.”

“We’re very proud of the cinematic visual art we created for this XR concert performance. Notch played a valuable role in helping us deliver high-quality creative for the front plate and remain very flexible throughout the process.”
– Vello Virkhaus, Creative Director, Xite Labs

“We were able to build and quickly integrate foliage, particles, fractal cloud fields, and other beautiful Notch elements into our xR pipeline. Notch helped us make intricate creative changes quickly, adapting to musical and art direction changes in near real time. The engine also helped us further blend talent into the virtual extended world while integrating seamlessly with the media server.”
– Greg Russell, Creative Director, Xite Labs

Additional press coverage:
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Xite Labs: (XR Studio)
Creative Directors: Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell
Technical Directors: Jeremy Vannix, Simon Anaya
Production Partners: Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Robe
D3 Media Server Operator: Simon Anaya
Unreal CG Artists: Diego Castro , Brian Egan, Kevin Aguirre, Ofer Zmora, Rodel Aragon, Brandon Rosado, Darrion Grannieri, Jussi Tolvanen, Rayworks
Producer: Anders Rahm
Notch Artists: Travis Poe, Simon Anaya
Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch
Unreal Technical Support: Jussi Tolvanen, Rayworks.
DIT / Technical Assistant / Photographer: Billy Woods
Camera Operator: Pierce Cook
Sequence Technician: Bobbie Bunn
Covid Compliance Officer: Lourie Koenig
BTS Edit/ Documentarian: Billy Woods

The 92 Group: (Creative Studio)
Show & Content Creative Director: Mike Carson
Content Art Director: Sam Ashcraft
Content Consultant: Randy Cano
Producer: Amish Dani

HPLA: (Production Company)
Executive Producers: Ryan Hahn, Neil Dominique, Bryson Tiller
Directory of Photography: Russ Fraser
Producer: Chanel Urban
Editor: Chaz Smedley

Post Production:
Post Producer: Vince Tran
VFX: Foreign Exchange
Color Producer: Jessica Amburgey
Color Assistant: Zack Hetlage
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Title Design: Marvin Lau