Project Description

“It would have been impossible to develop such robust real-time visuals with any other tool.”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mexico Citys subway system, INTUS Interactive Design was commissioned to create a permanent art piece in the city’s cultural hub. Working in collaboration with 83-year-old mixed media artist Pedro Friedeberg, INTUS transform the station walkway into a sublime interactive art piece. Creative Director and Notch Designer Gilberto Castro discusses his process:


Gilberto Castro, Creative Director,  INTUS Interactive Design

“I’m a media artist and director based in Mexico City where I co-founded INTUS Interactive Design. INTUS specialises in the fields of interactive and immersive multimedia installations. We have produced over 250 successful interactive projects in the arts, commercial and theatrical world, transforming perceptions of nature and space. I started using Notch one year ago, and I love it!”




“We were asked to create a permanent interactive artwork for the Galería Metro subway station. We were excited to be creating in collaboration with Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg, and together we developed the installation into a more substantial piece. We envisioned a 20-meter interactive tunnel that leads you to the magnificent palace of fine arts in Mexico City. I wanted to develop a unique audiovisual experience that inspired visitors to reflect on their relationship with art and technology, and seek out new ways of communication.


“After analyzing the potential scope of this piece, we chose the best ideas to develop into a solid concept. These ideas then became sketches which we developed in Notch, and with refinement became the final finished design.”

“Our designs in Notch easily integrated with our TouchDesigner Media Server. We developed a lidar scanner calibration system which sends all the data to Notch blocks to create the interactive elements.”

“For this scene, we used clone to particles with fluid affectors to create an illusion of ocean waves made up of geometric boxes.”

SPH Affectors and frame difference make absolute stunning things together.”

Reaction-diffusion and frame difference are a super killer combo together.”

“Our client expected complex interactive behaviours with a high visual impact. Notch was perfect for this project, it would have been impossible to develop such robust visuals with any other tool. For us, it’s the best motion graphics and VFX tool in the market.”

“Seeing the end-user enjoy the installation was simply incredible. It was amazing to see people spending so much time in the tunnel, taking tons of photos – in such a busy place a little more indifference is expected! It was gratifying to see the current Head of Governments of Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum enjoy the piece and speak with great knowledge and enthusiasm about the wonders of interactive technologies to the entire press.”


Production Company: INTUS Interactive Design
Production Design: INTUS Interactive Design
Creative Direction: Rolando González & Gilberto Castro
Notch Designer: Gilberto Castro
Tracking System: Omar Castillo
Media Server: TouchDesigner