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Project Description

PARADE – Fear Love Circus

Project Description

battleROYAL in collaboration with the renowned Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin, brought to stage a new circus production complete with live video interaction, using Notch.

The challenge was to create dynamic video content that would evolve with the acrobats and to create a stable setup that could be easily operated by an off-stage performer, to create a unique spectacle every night.

Midi from a Wacom tablet (using a custom patch in Max 7) and Touch OSC was sent to the Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst to control exposed Notch pins. Audio was also used to create further complexity and cohesion with the performances.

Using a tablet interface rather than tracking systems allowed the performers to react to the projection, rather then it only reacting to them and gave to ability adapt to create unique compositions and paint over the performers.

Being able to test new content within seconds of creating it, and then animate live over constantly evolving choreography during rehearsals, was a game changer. And once the look of the scenes was achieved, multiple re-renders for repositioning emitter/effectors was no longer necessary. Giving the team far more time to create.

“We chose Notch because we were looking for a way to control particle systems live. What we ended with was something that has completely changes our workflow.
We would usually eat up a lot of time and disk space re-rendering scenes to fit choreography, this was process made redundant. The node based workflow makes setting up different takes incredibly easy. Before Notch there hadn’t been a tool that rivals the ease of use and effects base in software and plugins we would normally use.”

– Duncan McDade, Video Designer

‘Parade’ will run until February 2018.

You can see more, including a trailer for the show, here.


Client: Chamäleon Theater
Production: battleROYAL
Director: Brendan Shelper
Video Design: Duncan McDade
Video System and Control: Steve Jackson, CAPO
Light Design: Chris Moylan

Photos: Kooné

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