Project Description

Piso 21’s World Tour 2022

Diego Amaya Vargas crafted ever-evolving looks adaptable to stages on every continent for Colombian superstars Piso 21’s “Amor, desamor y perreo” world tour.

A few months ago, the creative team for Piso 21, a Colombian band who have proven themselves to be pioneers of urban pop and reggaeton in Latin America, approached Notch Designer & Video Director Diego Amaya Vargas. The creative team wanted to generate high-impact visuals that would be adaptable to all of the band’s shows and memorable for their worldwide audience.

Amaya envisioned a fully interactive show in which visuals and camera effects track closely with the show’s overall concept and narrative. The team began developing a particular aesthetic for each look. Alongside Creative Director Federico López and Lighting Designer Jairo Gonzalez, Amaya proposed colour palettes, contrast levels, and cues that were unique to each song.

As the Notch Designer explained, Piso 21 have always wanted a constantly evolving show that’s never fully finished. As such, they used Notch as their primary tool, as it allows for versatility to explore and achieve increasingly complex and layered effects that push the show to higher and higher levels.

When completing one gig, Amaya and the team would take feedback, make adjustments, and do it all over again, surprising themselves with the playback quality and fluidity they could achieve with Notch. In the end, as Amaya put it, their only limit was their collective imagination.

“Once you understand the operation and logic behind the Notch node graph, you realise that the process is much more organised and intuitive than any other.”

Diego Amaya Vargas, Notch Designer & Video Director

Additional press coverage:
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Client: Piso 21 
Manager: Carlos Acosta “Arete”
Production Manager: Camilo Cárdenas “Spider”
Stage Manager: Javier Ernesto Granados “Zetha” 
FOH Engineer: Leonardo Lozano “Marciano”
Monitor Engineer: Andres Navia “Chicha”
Creative Director: Federico López

Art Director: Federico Gómez “Falco”
Notch Designer & Video Director: Diego Amaya Vargas 

Lighting Designer: Jairo Gonzalez 
Screen Producer & Animator: Diego Amaya Vargas 
Guitar Tech: Mauricio Valencia “Jagger”
Patch Master: Alberto Llanos 
RF Coordinator: Euro Fuenmayor