Project Description

Pound the Pavement

Algorithm Studio uses Notch and the Perception Neuron 2.0 motion capture suit to create an intimate music video in the peak of social distancing.

Creative Director Kev Freeney and Notch Designer Dillon O’Sullivan welcomed the challenge of creating The Blizzards ‘Pound The Pavement’ music video during a national lockdown. After initial plans for a live-action music video were put on hold, they began exploring the possibilities of using the Noitom V2 motion capture suit for an offline workflow. The Algorithm team developed a hybrid real-time/offline workflow to produce the video remotely and in a short amount of time.

Using FBX mocap data recorded in the performers’ homes, Dillon created dynamic particle bodies in Notch. Kev used the flexibility of the workflow to apply creative camera moves he keyframed in C4D, and import them in Notch where they rendered the final scenes. The result of this experimental workflow is an enchanting video that brought The Blizzards together during a time of isolation.

“What first got us excited about Notch is what can be done at a live event in real-time. Since using Notch we’ve won several awards for our live and interactive projects. For this project, we could have chosen an offline renderer, but we wanted the creative freedom and flexibility we have become accustomed to when creating in Notch.

The power of Notch lies in being able to realise your vision and make it a reality in a short amount of time. The number of inputs you can combine with Notch is endless, and so too is the potential for creative experimentation. It’s very exciting to see that the techniques we used to create this video could be directly translated into a live event scenario.”

Kev Freeney, creative director, Algorithm

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Client: The Blizzards
Production Company: Algorithm
Creative Direction: Kev Freeney
Notch Designer: Dillon O’Sullivan
Video Director: Kev Freeney

Video Producers: Olan Clarke
Choreographer & Dancer: Janna Kemperman
Animator: Fergus O Hagan
Additional Content: Brezzie
Equipment Vendor: Perception Neuron + Target3D