Project Description

Rea Garvey: Neon Tour

“With Notch, we could play our video-system like a musical instrument.”

Rea Garvey’s European Tour ‘Neon’ created a stage look in contrast to what you might expect from a neon tour. loop light GmbH created beautiful painterly projections inspired by natural elements and textures. loop light GmbH specialises in the creation and implementation of complex, state of the art media installations. Company founder Matt Finke talks us through the creative process of Rea Garveys beautiful stage design.

“Lighting and Set Designer Chris “Rocketchris” Glatthor envisioned on an organic live production that could be controlled by the operators rather than timecode, and this is where Notch fit when we planned the video design”. Rea Garvey worked closely with the design team conveying the messages behind his songs, which Rocketchris would then transform into visual art.

During the three-week pre-production period, the loop team created pre-rendered and real-time looks. 3D cameras were central in creating their organic look, so they made a custom video set-up to take with them on the road. Several 3D cameras connected to a Pandoras Box at the side of the stage captured live video footage. “The wide range of built-in connections to external sources was one of the driving forces behind our decision to use Notch.”

Live at the show content played back on Pandoras Box Media Servers. The whole environment was controlled using Widget Designer. Final control was a HOG4 lighting console which output to Christie projectors, one 4k 30.000lumen Boxer and a 20.000lumen Crimson.

“When it comes to live-entertainment Notch is a unique software that allows you to create beautiful effects, this is the simple truth behind it. Notch is an artistic tool that facilitates the creation of seamless real-time effects. We don’t want the audience to notice the technology that has gone into the stage design. It should add seamlessly to the artist’s performance.”


Client: Jewel Records GmbH
Production Company: Live Nation
Production Design: Chris “Rocketchris” Glatthor
Creative Direction: Chris “Rocketchris” Glatthor
Video Director: Matt Finke
Video Producers: loop light GmbH
Lighting Designer: Chris “Rocketchris” Glatthor
Screen Producer: loop light GmbH
Notch Animator: Jonas Reich, loop light GmbH
Additional Content: Patrick Wulf
Equipment Vendor: TDA rental
Media Server: loop light GmbH

All Photo-credits: Rocketchris Lighting Design Photography