Project Description

Roxy Music’s 50th Anniversary Tour

Kyle Reseigh and team created diverse looks inspired by the classic designs of Roxy Music for the band’s 50th Anniversary Tour.

With Roxy Music celebrating their fiftieth anniversary on tour throughout the UK and North America, the band’s team approached several visual artists, including Notch Designer Kyle Reseigh, to craft visuals that recreated some of the most iconic looks from the band’s past.

Before anything else, the Roxy team emphasised that they wanted to celebrate and capture the history of the band and their classic and colourful but sophisticated aesthetics. As such, Reseigh began by combing through footage of old shows, directly borrowing elements and collaging them together as something that recalled the past yet was completely new. 

Overall, the workflow was very collaborative. There were a few remote days, but most of the Notch development happened during pre-visualisation rehearsals, where Reseigh worked closely with Production Designer Matt Arthur, carefully formulating the best looks to go along with Roxy Music’s eclectic style. Because of the preparation time, Reseigh could be sure that his Notch use complemented angles, light, and shadow ahead of time.

Throughout the show, camera content varied drastically. For one song, the camera feeds were keyed in to a row of TVs. There were quite a few moments when the cameras’ perspectives would fade in and out, toggling between views for an always-changing medley of looks. Reseigh used Notch to intricately swap perspectives and effects to a dreamlike effect that audiences widely applauded on both location and social media.

“Notch gave us the flexibility to dynamically mix our camera feeds with individual effects, resulting in an all-around more creative canvas.”

Kyle Reseigh, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
The Guardian, The Independent, NME.

Client: Roxy Music
Notch Designer: Kyle Reseigh
Video Operator: Matisse Desmedt
Production & Lighting Designer: Matt Arthur 

Lighting Programmers: Neil Holloway & Daniel Richardson
Camera Director: Steve Price
Photographer: Daniel Richardson