Project Description

Siemens SPS 2020 – Digital Trade Show

Siemens introduce their first trade show hosted in a virtual production environment.

Pave Gmbh and Cueconcept Gmbh approached Studio One to help them deliver an innovative virtual trade show for their client, Siemens. Siemens had previously created an interactive virtual showroom application for web and mobile devices. They wanted to reimagine their web app as a virtual studio environment for their Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog trade show.

Studio One worked with EVOKE Studios to deliver a reliable and fast virtual production workflow. They needed to take model and texture data from many different sources, including the web app built in Unity, and transform it into a dynamic hosting environment where sales agents could interact with the products. Using Notch’s bespoke virtual production features, the team compiled eleven virtual trade booths and a virtual hosting environment in less than three weeks. Once on-site at the largest disguise powered XR studio in Germany, the team found the flexibility of their workflow a considerable advantage. Throughout the 4-week shoot, the team received new assets to compile into their scenes. Working with remote team members via live network editing, they could make prop placement and plate adjustments with ease. The virtual trade show has now been integrated into Siemens web application where it continues to showcase Siemens products in an engaging format that’s blazed the way for more virtual trade shows to come.

“The new virtual production toolset in Notch has given us so much more flexibility and made our XR workflow even faster. We’ve already made a lot of use of the live network editing feature. It’s a unique feature that we’ve found essential when filming under COVID 19 restrictions.”

Urs Nyffenegger, creative producer, Studio One

Client: Siemens
Production Company: Pave gmbh
XR Content production: Studio One
Creative Producer: Urs Nyffenegger

Notch Designer: Timo Ott, Patrick Defasten
3D Data Prep: Alex Tetsch, Karim El Fatatry
XR Workflow and operation: EVOKE Studios
Hardware & systems engeneers: bright! Studios