Project Description

“It cannot be overstated just how quickly a project can develop in Notch.”

Jason Haggerty and Zachary Burton of Australian design studio IKONIX create a dark and glitchy music video that fits the bill for Suburban Dark’s ‘White Trash’. Using Notch and their experience of designing for holographic projection, Jason and Zach create a video aesthetic that pops out of the screen and etches into your brain.


Jason Haggerty, Notch Designer, IKONIX

“I have been a practising digital artist and designer for the past decade, more recently focusing on real-time content development for events and installations. At IKONIX we produce a wide range of events, from car launches and high-end theatrical shows to music acts and live events.”



Zachary Burton, Notch Designer, IKONIX

“I have been working in the entertainment industry for ten years as an LED Technician and Media Server Op for a wide range of productions. I work alongside Jason at IKONIX where, fortunately, I spend most of my time using Notch. Over the past year, I have created some fun projects, like creating visuals for holographic projection.”


Zachary: “The brief came from Chris Irvine from Suburban Dark, he said to me ‘I think the look we should go for is hella trashy! Crusty cuts with lots of film pops and burns and solid use of the logo’. We envisioned a grungy, mind-bending animation that made you feel like someone was scratching at your skull.”

“The skull in the logo made the perfect base to start work.”


Jason: “Notch is my go-to software for creating visuals. This particular project had a tight timeline, so we needed a flexible platform like Notch that allowed for experimentation without worrying about render times.”

“During the design briefing, the word ‘glitch’ was used a lot. Luckily Notch comes with a first-rate post effects suite with lots of great ways to create glitch effects. Pairing these effects with audio reactivity via the Sound Modifier allowed me to form a tight relationship between the visuals and the music. I used audio reactivity with as many elements as possible, from materials to particles, lights to post effects, and fogs.”

“It cannot be overstated just how quickly a project can develop in Notch. The lack of render times and seeing immediate results allowed me to spend less time worrying about render queues and afforded more time to experimenting and making weird visuals.”

“When creating the White Trash video, we left room for experimentation. As a result, the final product was a pleasant surprise, and the feedback online has been great!”


Client: Suburban Dark
Production Company: IKONIX
Creative Direction: Suburban Dark and Zachary Burton ( IKONIX )
Notch Designer: Jason Haggerty
Animator: Jason Haggerty