Project Description

The 90s Live Open-Air Party Tour

LUPIXX used Notch to immerse nostalgia-seekers in a massive arena celebration showcasing the sounds of the 1990s from dawn to dusk.

Earlier this year, Markus Krampe Entertainment Group approached LUPIXX with a significant request: a whole day’s worth of content designed for the Arena of Schalke leg of 90s Live, their open-air, all-day party. A must-see for anyone wanting to relive 1990s Eurodance, the event hosted acts such as Reel 2 Real (“I Like to Move It”), Culture Beat (“Mr. Vain”), and special guests Aqua (“Barbie Girl”), among many others.

The client asked LUPIXX for content spanning the full nine hours of the party’s duration and specifically requested unique aesthetics for each individual act. For Oli.P, the production incorporated pyrotechnics and video feeds that reflected the audience back to itself. When Culture Beat took the stage, the creative team electrified three screens with cool-toned, flowing streams of light. Many acts incorporated lasers, streamers, confetti, and noisemakers to make the experience a proper party.

LUPIXX used Notch for everything, sending all looks through NDI out to a crowd of about 45,000 people. The start of a tour around all of Germany, the Schalke presentation was met with rave reviews from the Stadt Spiegel, which described the experience as equal parts immersive and impressive.

“Creating in a fully real-time workflow to the sound of the 90s was great fun, and working with Notch was the only way we could achieve nine hours’ worth of looks.”

Saskia Olma, Creative Director, LUPIXX

Additional press coverage:
Stadt Spiegel, WR.

Creative Direction: Saskia Olma (LUPIXX)
Notch Designer: Vlad Befus (LUPIXX)