Project Description

The Superbowl Parties 2020

MEPTIK produced immersive visuals for the Superbowl parties using an entirely real-time Notch pipeline for rapid results.

Partnered with DeFacto Entertainment, MEPTIK produced a series of visuals for three separate events at the week-long Superbowl party in Miami, Florida. Working with event sponsors AT&T and Pepsi, MEPTIK created original animations for a range of unusual and unique surfaces. The brands briefed out two different looks that needed to be achieved for the event nights. Not only did the visual content need to fit a range of canvases, but they also had to be reactive to the club environment. Challenged with a huge package of complex deliverables, MEPTIK designed their most effective production workflow yet. They chose a full real-time workflow with Notch. By eliminating the step of having to render, MEPTIK was able to iterate visuals at a rapid pace and communicate content possibilities with their clients. Over the hurdle of producing the visuals, the team were faced with their next challenge.

All of the visuals would be audio-reactive and respond to what the DJ was playing. These reactive elements, combined with the unique and varying surfaces at the venue, required design decisions to be made on site. With less than 12 hours on-site before each event, MEPTIK needed optimal flexibility and efficiency to make changes across multiple surfaces. Their Notch workflow provided the opportunity to fine-tune the interactive aspects of the content, and to iterate and make changes quickly. The events were a sensory success. MEPTIK’s immersive multi-screen production cultivated an environment where the music, visuals and atmosphere were reflective of and enhanced the overall experience.

“Notch truly is the new paradigm of content creation. What we’re doing here – I don’t think the industry truly realizes just how significant and groundbreaking this is. Being able to iterate at the high-level demands of brands while building something that’s reactive and immersive, and then, on top of that, being able to make changes at lightspeed, is something that we, as a team, have come to take for granted. But when you stop and look around at the rest of the industry, you realize that what Notch is letting us do is light years ahead of anything else.”

Sarah Linebaugh, creative director, MEPTIK

Client: Defacto Entertainment
Production Company: Defacto Entertainment
Production Design: The Activity / Patrick Dierson
Creative Direction: Sarah Linebaugh
Notch Designer: Joshua Eason, David Vargas, Jordan Adams
Event Designer: Joanna-Maria Helinurm /
Equipment Vendor: MEPTIK
Media Server: disguise