Project Description

Benee New Zealand Tour

Human Person artfully design seamless live video effects for Benee’s sell-out New Zealand tour.

In October 2020, Benee brought fans back to New Zealand’s arenas for the country’s first post-lockdown concert tour. Production Designer Ben Dalgleish, Human Person, helped the artist create a refreshingly personal show using clever lighting and integrated visual content.

Early on, Ben decided to display both the live video feed and the video content on one large curved screen. With all the video displayed on one main upstage wall, blending the content in unique ways throughout the show was crucial. Ben and Notch designer Ryan Sheppard worked closely with Benee to create IMAG effects that united video footage, animation and live camera feed. From basic colour grading to bodies made up of particle systems, the team used Notch to create artful looks that could blend directly with content in the centre of the screen.

The sold-out tour consisted of eight shows in four cities across New Zealand and ending in the singer’s hometown of Auckland. The Auckland performance became the first live-streamed sold-out concert to a global audience since the pandemic.

“On a few songs, Notch was the only tool we needed to generate exciting visual effects. We were able to layer looks and apply them to our live video feed in real-time using the GrandMA2 lighting console. During soundcheck, we’d often have one of our Notch looks up on the screen, and the band took so much pleasure in ‘playing’ with the effect – which paid off during the live performances as Benee knew how to create exciting interactions in real-time.”

Ben Dalgleish, Show Designer, Human Person

Additional press coverage:

Client: Benee
Production Design: Human Person
Creative Direction: Human Person
Show Designer: Ben Dalgleish
Notch Designer: Ryan Sheppard
Video Director: Ian Valentine

Video Producers: Human Person
Lighting Designer: Ben Dalgleish
Screen Producer: Human Person
Animator: The Valdez, Human Person
Production Manager: Daniel Warwick