Project Description

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson on Apple TV+

Production designer Adrien Oneiga used Notch to mimic synesthesia for Mark Ronson‘s Apple TV+ documentary, Watch the Sound.

Tremolo Productions approached production designer Adrien Oneiga to create video effects that could visually represent the sounds of reverb, autotune, and distortion. Tremolo would use said effects to enrich footage of Mark Ronson explaining varying sounds and their origins in his new Apple TV+ documentary, Watch the Sound. Expanding on Tremolo’s brief, Oneiga decided to recreate the visceral sensation of synesthesia using Notch.

Oneiga began creating the looks using audiovisual information from live-action footage. “Autotune,” for example, was created using point cloud data fed into a particle system and blended with the video content. “Distortion” was modelled after a classic CRT oscilloscope design.

A TouchDesigner/Notch workflow was used throughout to transform the audio of Ronson playing the guitar into perfectly oscillating visual sound waves. Finally, he used a classic video feedback technique to visually interpret “Reverb,” adding a modern twist with Notch’s unique mirroring effects.

Watch the Sound is available to stream on Apple TV+.

“Creating real-time visual effects in Notch is a visceral creative process that helps me feel in touch with the artist. Notch is a solid iteration platform that allows me to prototype different looks rapidly. On Watch the Sound, even our rough previous looks were enough to inspire confidence in the client.”

Adrien Oneiga, Production Designer, Semiotica

Additional Press Coverage
Vogue, Decider.

Client: Apple TV+
Production Company: Tremolo Productions
Creative Director: Joanne Duray
Production Designer & Screen Producer: Adrien Oneiga

Production Support & Programming: Ted Pallas, Semiotica, Savages
Notch Designer: Ted Pallas