Project Description

Foo Fighters Super Bowl After-Show

Hidden Road Studios creates XR effects for Foo Fighters Super Bowl After-Show for Meta.

Meta and Foo Fighters planned a Super Bowl After Show that played in virtual reality inside the Meta Quest VR headset and alternatively as a regular stream on Facebook. Hidden Road worked closely with Supersphere VR, the production company, and Light Sail VR to produce the XR and VFX elements that played in the 2D stream and VR event. 

The stage included a massive floating light ring which became the base for all the designs. The ring was used as a light source for all other particles and objects to allow for a cohesive design palette from song to song. 

Five floating rings of varying thickness and size were added, all able to float, rotate and twist across the backdrop whilst being virtually tracked by stYpe. A sound modifier allowed for sensitive musical animations for the significant movements and keyframed animations to support the motion. Combined, these attributes made the VR experience come alive; the background reflected the band’s passionate performance through light and movement.

Watch the full show on Instagram.

Hidden Road Studios uses Notch on every single project. Whether it is live generative or baked exports– it doesn’t matter. The ability to adjust designs quickly and see the immediate result is simply the most helpful function. Upon having many creative discussions, the best way to achieve the quick turnaround is to alter aspects of the design in real time. Not only is that helpful for me, the artist, but also for the clients and directors.”

Rowan Glenn, Notch Artist, Hidden Road Studios

Additional press coverage:
stYpe, Hollywood Reporter, Sport Techie.

Client: Meta / Foo Fighters
Director: Mark Romanek
Production Company: Supersphere VR

Post-Production Company: Light Sail VR
Creative Design: Hidden Road Studios
Notch Designer: Rowan Glenn