Create Amazing Motion Graphics and Interactive VFX in Real-Time

Trusted by the world’s biggest artists, brands and events, Notch is the first tool that enables you to create interactive and video content in one unified real-time environment.

Don’t Wait. Create

The workflow you always wanted: Create, simulate, render, composite, edit, and play: always in real-time, always working on the full and final result.


Live Visuals Redefined

Create interactive and generative content and live video effects in a powerful, easy and stable workflow. Export and play back with the media servers you already use.


VR At Your Fingertips

Create VR experiences with our NLE workflow. Content that’s both directed and interactive, with a powerful and flexible real-time visual engine.

Your New Creative Workshop

A complete user experience

A node-based interface that’s familiar and intuitive to explore, allowing limitless possibilities simply by connecting logical building blocks. Timeline and animation editing, compositing and grading, all in one environment, designed with narrative in mind.

100s of nodes, unlimited combinations

A vast and deep set of nodes enables you to bring about sophisticated visual effects. Physically based lighting, particles, fluids, volumetrics, compositing, interactivity, 3D cameras and procedural effects all in one package.

Use Notch Content in Media Servers

Interactivity and Live Video effects

Use all of Notch’s compositing and visual effects capabilities on live video sources creating compelling new performance experiences for the audience. Or, use Notch’s visual effects engine to create effects around tracked moving performers on stage, from wispy smoke to rivers of water.

Integration with Media Servers

Notch integrates with leading media servers. Create in Notch Builder, export and play back inside the media server.


Enhancing Your Existing Workflow

Create Effortlessly

Using Notch Builder, design your creation from scratch or import elements from other industry tools. You’ll always see your final results in real-time.

Expose and Export

Once you’ve finished your content and grading either export to video or real time Notch Block for playback in other packages, exposing the node parameters that you need for live control. 

Playback on Media Servers, VR

Load the Notch Block onto your media server, or run it as a standalone executable, or embed into an application. Either way, get the benefit of real-time and live remote editing.

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Join the Notch Community

Be a part of the Notch community and use the wealth of features on offer to take your projects to the next level. The possibilities are limitless in your hands.


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