Notch for VR

For VR games there are games engines. For everything else, there’s Notch

The creative tool for Oculus, Vive and 360/VR Video. Everything you need to realise your ideas – without ever writing code.

VR Instantly

Using a VR headset with your scene is as simple as dropping in a single node. Rendering to 360 video is just another node. Switch seamlessly at any time between traditional 2D screens, 360, and VR headsets.


Create and edit everything in real-time with our revolutionary WYSIWYG creative workflow – even while wearing the VR headset.

VR Store Support

Ship your experiences on the Oculus and SteamVR stores to reach mass markets globally. We offer a suite of submission services to scale from indie through to enterprise.

Interactivity with ease

Make your experiences responsive with controllers / trackers. They’re just nodes that can be used to control and affect anything in your scene.

Drive your visuals with live or pre-recorded audio. Add a wide range of external inputs (cameras, Kinect, RealSense, OSC, NDI, ArtNet, and HTTP data) and create interactive, sharable VR experiences.

360 & VR video

Create 360 videos in mono & stereo with one of the fastest renderers around. It’s so fast, 360 content can be edited & rendered in real-time – and previewed through a VR headset.

VR Experiences. Interactive Applications. VR Music Videos. Live 360 Stream Processing.


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