Subscriptions FAQ

General Information

A subscription is charged at the point of order, and at that date every month for as long as the subscription is active. The 6 months minimum term does not mean we charge all 6 months at once.

Yes, all subscriptions have a 6 months minimum term. This means that once a subscription has started, it runs for 6 consecutive months (no pauses or breaks). After 6 months you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Notch Builder Base and Notch Builder Pro.

A flexible subscription allows you to switch between the Base and Pro flavours of Notch Builder from month to month. This gives you control over the features you are paying for each month.

No, however you will need to go online periodically to keep your application licensed with our central licensing servers.
Yes, simply plug in your licensing dongle on the machine you wish to use.
Yes projects are fully interoperable between Base and Pro.

At the time of your initial Base / Pro subscription purchase you can email your Learning projects to along with your order number and our team will convert your projects for you. We suggest you use Dropbox/Google Drive/WeTransfer for large files.

Yes, you receive a £50 credit towards your Builder Flexible Subscription with the coupon emailed to you shortly after your Learning purchase.

When you place your order a Codemeter dongle will be sent to you by courier. You’ll receive instructions via email as to how to activate your license on that dongle when it arrives.
Your subscription begins on the date that you initially purchased the subscription. However, we add 7 days to your subscription term at no cost, to cover the time it takes to ship your licensing dongle to you.

Please purchase a replacement licensing dongle and get in touch with us at to have your license transferred. There is a fee for transferring licenses between dongles, as this is a manual process.

There is a fee for transferring licenses between dongles, as this is a manual process. Please get in touch with us at to request a license transfer.

Managing Subscriptions

Simply login into the Notch site and go to My Account -> Subscriptions, select your subscription and then click the UPGRADE / DOWNGRADE button.

Your upgraded subscription will be available immediately upon upgrade/purchase, making the Pro features available to you right away. Once you have made the switch in My Account->Subscriptions, simply start Notch on your PC with the relevant Notch dongle plugged in. Your dongle will be upgraded straight away. If you have any issues, then please email

Your subscription downgrade will not take effect until your next billing date.
Yes, one Notch account can manage multiple subscriptions. You can specify and change the user of each subscription at any time in My Account->Subscriptions. Just remember that the subscription is always tied to the physical dongle.


Every time you start Notch your dongle will phone-home to our subscription servers. Any new renewals will be automatically applied to your dongle. New renewals occur on your billing date.
Your dongle will stay active for 7 days after your billing date, allowing you to continue to work offline until you can find internet access.