Our artist-friendly graphics creation software.


The add-on license for stand-alone or media server playback of content created in Notch Builder.


For real-time content authoring. Notch Builder is where you create your next big thing.


Artists who want to learn Notch, but are not working in production environments.

£99 £59 perpetual
Time Limited Offer



Artists and VR creators who need the full real-time design workflow.

You can switch between Base and Pro during your monthly subscription at any time.

£99 per month
Minimum 6 months



Artists and AV professionals who need to design and deliver to media servers and standalone installations.

£189 per month
Minimum 6 months


Pro (Yearly)

Users who need Pro, but would rather pay 12 months up front (with a discount!).

£2,100 1st year
£1,750 per year renewal


All prices exclude any applicable VAT. Project files are fully compatible between Base and Pro. If you are migrating from Learning to Base/Pro we can convert your Learning projects at time of upgrade. Notch Builder (all editions) works on Windows 7 or above and requires a modern, discrete GPU.

Free Trial

We also have a free trial version which lets you explore what Notch builder has to offer. The trial has no time limitation so you can use it for as long as you like, but saving is disabled.


Subscriptions FAQ

With the monthly subscription to Notch Builder you can switch effortlessly between Pro and Base from month to month. Studio and purchasing managers can also manage multiple subscriptions under one account.


For all stages and all screens, use Notch Playback to display your real-time content made in Notch Builder.

Playback Leasing

Your general purpose, go anywhere license.

  • For use on unlimited productions & projects

  • No limits on resolution (just hardware limits)
  • Move from job to job with portable USB license


Playback Perpetual

For when you install it and leave it.

  • For fixed installs and permanent projects

  • Locked to current Notch release

  • Only pay for the resolution yo