Notch Builder

The Real-Time Authoring Tool


An Artist’s Tool

We’ve built an authoring tool that not only brings the incredible freedom of real-time, but is also astonishingly flexible. It’s useful whether you scratch the surface or explore its outer limits.

Intuitive UX

The UI is designed to be familiar and intuitive to use, based on our decades of experience with 3D and compositing software. Notch takes industry standard paradigms and finely tunes them for a real-­time workflow.


Notch Builder works in real-time, which means you get to make chances and see them take effect as you work. You can also render to video using our powerful ray-tracing and path tracing features.


Fully featured

Powerful Nodes

Our interface is based on nodes: small, simple building blocks, connected together logically and intuitively to make spectacular creations. The only limitation is your imagination.

Set Your Timeline

From the Keyframe-Based Curve Editor to the NLE layout, Notch provides the tools to realise your visual narrative. And if you need to use the sequencer of a 3rd party tool (media server / lighting desk / sensing software), simply expose the desired node parameters.

Dynamic Lighting & Materials

Notch’s physically based material system gives you all the tools you would expect; normal, displacement, specular and roughness maps. Standard light types, shadows and image based lighting.

But Notch takes you beyond the expected, to voxel cone tracing for ambient occlusion and global illumination, mix in reflection & refraction support and you’ve got something special.


Bringing extraordinary interactivity without months of coding


Notch Playback supports both depth and RGB feeds from Kinect v1 and v2, whether embedded in a media server or standalone.

OSC / Midi / ArtNet

Notch Playback supports input from OSC, ArtNet and Midi for making dynamic and responsive scenes.

Scripting Engine

Need the extra layer of logic, Notch comes with a Javascript engine for manipulating scenes in real-time.

Tracking Effects

With Notch’s visual effects engine you can track moving performers on stage, including wispy smoke, rivers of water or fire. A great partner to Blacktrax™.

Image: ‘Sky Full Of Stars’ Music video – Pretty Bird, Artisan

Audio Reactive

Equipped with FFT analysis, Notch can make your scenes respond to the live audio feeds.


One tool – multiple canvases

Notch is being used globally to deliver real-time content in every possible setting, from the bespoke fixed install, to the summer festival tour. With the optional Notch Playback license, you can take your content created in Notch Builder to industry-standard media servers and stand-alone applications.

Live Music