Notch Features List

Engine Features

An entire suite of tools, designed from the ground up to work in real-time.

Every feature of Notch offers industry-leading realtime performance and quality.


  • Colour grading tools with levels, higlight/mid/shadow colour controls
  • Use colour LUTs in .CUBE format (exported from DaVinci Resolve etc)
  • 50+ image effect nodes, covering blurs, stylisation, colour processing, edge detection, image processing, distortion, warping and more
  • Camera effect simulation – depth of field, motion blur, tone mapping, glow

Video Processing

  • Masking, colour keying, segmentation
  • Generate motion vectors with optical flow
  • Track feature points
  • Generate depth from stereo images or video
  • Live video capture supported in both Notch Builder and in exported projects, via MediaFoundation / DirectShow

Lighting and Materials

  • Physically based material system
  • Normal maps, displacement maps, specular and roughness maps supported
  • Point, spot, directional and area lights
  • Shadows
  • Voxel cone tracing for ambient occlusion and global illumination
  • Reflections & refractions
  • Support for Substance (SBSAR) materials


  • Emit from primitives, meshes, images, video
  • Simulate fluids, cloth, physics / collisions, form into shapes
  • Lighting, semi-transparent shadows
  • Render as sprites, video sprites, lines, meshes, blobs
  • Track video motions
  • Convert to volumetrics, convert to meshed geometry


  • Create from particles, meshes, Kinect streams, primitives
  • Simulate fluids, add turbulence
  • Semi-transparent shadows

Ray tracing

  • Ray traced lights
  • Mirror reflections
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Advanced denoising
  • High-quality ray traced texture baking


  • Clone 3D objects in regular grids, radially, or with iterative transform functions; clone to vertex or polygon positions from a mesh, or pixels in an image; clone to particles; clone to voxels in voxelised meshes or text
  • Control clone motions with effectors
  • Create complex animations easily with hardly any keyframing
  • Loads selected cloner systems from Cinema4D Mograph

Rigid Body Physics

  • GPU based physics
  • Turn clones into rigid bodies instantly
  • Add static, dynamic and kinematic bodies into the scene with just one node
  • Works with procedural meshes

Kinect / RealSense

  • Use multiple Kinect 1 or RealSense cameras simultaneously inside Notch Builder and in exported projects on Media Servers
  • Kinect 1, Kinect 2, Kinect Azure, RealSense 2.0 supported
  • Record live Kinect data to disk, so it can be used offline
  • Use as 2D with background removal using depth data,
  • Generate meshes / particles / volumetrics from Kinect depth data

Scripting & Logic

  • Use JavaScript scripting language to control logic
  • Read RSS feeds, capture and use images and text
  • Create logic networks using nodes

Networking & Control

  • OSC input and output
  • MIDI input
  • Artnet input: control any parameter from Artnet
  • Export any parameter to be controlled by host Media Server

Network Editing

  • Live edit exported projects via network
  • Edit and construct scenes in real-time from Notch Builder as they render on outputs / projectors / screens on other PCs or on host media servers

Supported Formats


Video: DXV2, HAP, HAPQ, NotchLC, PhotoJPEG – Native. Other codecs via QuickTime (32-bit and 64-bit vary), AVI and Animation (RLE)

3D: FBX (Max/Maya/Blender), Cinema4D, Alembic, Lightwave, OBJ

Fonts: TrueType, OpenType

Particle data: Realflow .bin, Blender .PCACHE

Lights: IES

Grading: .cube LUTS

Audio: MP3, OGG, WAV

Media Server Integration

Blocks exported from Notch Builder Pro can be run in media servers supporting Notch when a Notch Playback license is present.

Natively Supported Media Servers

  • Avolites – Ai
  • disguise (formerly d3)
  • Green Hippo – Hippotizer
  • RealMotion
  • 7th Sense – Delta
  • Derivative – Touch Designer
  • AV Stumpfl – Pixera
  • LightAct
  • VYV – Photon
  • Screenberry
  • Hecoos
  • Christie – Pandoras Box

Please contact the media server vendor for the details of their Notch support.

Features when embedded

  • Remote network editing (using Notch Builder Pro)
  • Exposed parameters can be controlled by the media server
  • Process images/video supplied by the server
  • Adapts resolution to the media server canvas

Spout Support

  • Spout is a cross process texture sharing framework
  • Textures can be shared to and from Notch Standalone Executables (with Notch Playback license)
  • Products that support Spout: Resolume, Openframeworks, Cinder
  • Controllable via OSC, Artnet, TCP/IP
Standalone Executables

Notch Builder Pro can export standalone executables to run on your Windows PC when a Notch Playback license is present.


  • 2x Output monitors – full screen, any resolution, very basic output region configuration
  • 1x Audio Device Pair
  • 1x Spout Sender
  • OSC sending
  • Oculus Rift support


  • 4x Video Capture device via DirectShow Media Foundation
  • 1x Audio Device Pair
  • 1x Spout Receiver
  • Kinect depth & RGB support
  • Intel RealSense

Remote Editing

  • Remote edit from Notch Builder Pro

Parameter Control

  • OSC
  • ArtNet
  • Midi

Transport Control

  • ArtNet – Layer select, Play/Pause, Reset
  • OSC – Play/Pause, Set Time
Product Comparison
  Trial Learning Base Professional
Support Forum Only Basic Enhanced Premium
Access to all nodes
Ability to save -
Transcode imported video to NotchLC -
Share projects between Base & Pro - -
Full-screen and 2nd Head Preview in Builder - Watermarked
VR Headset Preview in Builder Watermarked Watermarked
Export to
Video - Watermarked Max 1280x720
VR / 360 Video - Watermarked Max 1280x720
Media Server Blocks - Watermarked Watermarked
Standalone EXE - Watermarked Watermarked
VR Standalone - Watermarked Light watermark
VR Stores (charges apply) - -
Input / Output
NDI / Spout In & Out of Builder - Watermarked
OSC / Artnet / Midi -
RealSense / Kinect
Additional Licensing Included
Act as Media Server Playback License - Watermarked Watermarked

up to 4096x2160

Act as Standalone EXE Playback License - Watermarked Watermarked

up to 4096x2160

Act as VR Playback License - Watermarked Watermarked
System requirements
OS: Windows 8.1 or newer (64-bit only)
GPU minimum:
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1060
  • AMD Radeon RX 580
GPU recommended: