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Unrivalled Workflows for
Virtual Production

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The design tool for virtual production

We’re not a complex game engine pretending to be a design tool. We’re built from the ground up to communicate narratives in the richest graphical manner possible.

Amazon Prime Video “Inside the Boys”, Aggressive & Tigrelab

Fast, beautiful, plays well with others

Notch is a tool for creators, designers & artists to create stunning graphics with maximum flexibility and minimal technical knowledge.

American Idol, Katy Perry, “Dasies”, XR Studios, Silent Partners Studio

Covers your entire pipeline

From look dev and creative exploration to the final grade. Notch provides the full spectrum of features that you need to make compelling virtual productions.

One tool for all your realities

Notch delivers AR, VR, XR and MR across the full spectrum of virtual techniques; from green screen, to LED backdrops, to full LED stages.

Go beyond environments

Notch enables artists to weave narratives with sophisticated motion graphics and interactivity, giving you true storytelling power beyond static environments and backdrops.

Rina Sawayama music video, Bild Studios/MARS

Key Features

Notch is the go-to for native real-time playback integration with industry-standard hardware and software, with features built specifically for artist-driven virtual production shows.

Chroma Keyer

Industry-leading greenscreen Chroma Keyer featuring, real-time shadows and reflections and full grading toolset.

Easy Front & Backplate

Full front & backplate management for AR & MR environments with Notch’s flexible render layer system.


Access a suite of interactive features from touchscreen and LiDAR to depth cameras, position data and motion capture.

Real-time Optimization

Let your creativity run wild! Notch’s unrivalled optimisation workflow will keep your scenes performant through easy light baking, geometry and material optimisation.

Live Network Editing

Live edit your scenes over the network on-location. No recompiling or waiting. Live edit your light bakes and send it directly to media servers and host applications.

Camera Tracking

Allow Notch’s rendering cameras to seamlessly pair with your host applications camera tracking system for effortless, immersive storytelling.

Full Scene Control

Control any aspect of the Notch scene from the host application, media server, or via industry-standard control surfaces and protocols.

Deliver Content Anywhere

Deliver to immersive LED stages, green screens, projection surfaces, online streaming platforms, VR, 360 & 180 video.

The BRIT Awards: Dave, Tawbox & Stout Studios

Get the samples pack

Download ready-to-use samples & assets for virtual production in Notch, including project files, media server blocks and assets you can remix to build your own 3D scenes.

Download samples

Notch studio partners delivering virtual productions today

We’re proud to partner with the best production companies, creative producers and media servers in the world.

“We’ve finally found a holistic workflow that enables the performer, the production team and us directors to work in perfect harmony.”

Alex Topaller & Daniel Shapiro

Executive Creative Directors, Amazon’s Inside the Boys & Alicia Keys UNSTAGED

Aggressive TV

“We’ve enjoyed transitioning into virtual production with a Notch workflow; real-time nodes allow our studio to focus on the creative needs of XR, AR and MR project.”

JT Rooney

Screen Producer, Katy Perry at American Idol & MTV 2020 VMAs

Silent Partners

“We could replicate the director’s style in Notch easily and achieve the same visual quality in Notch as you would do in a non-real-time 3D software package.”

David Bajt

Technical Director, Rina Sawayama

BILD Studios

“Thankfully, the many challenges we faced during production were easy to overcome with Notch’s adaptable workflow. Everything went to plan.”

Pod Bluman

Tech Production Manager, Dave at the BRITS

Bluman Associates

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