Notch Playback

Notch Playback is an optional license that enables embedded Notch playback in:


Immediate results

Whether you are taking custom crafted content from a content team, or using Pre-made Notch Blocks, Notch Playback gives you instant value.

Portable & Rentable

Playback licenses are loaded on to Codemeter USB dongles, making them transferable between servers / productions and a rentable item*.

Standalone playback

As well as media servers, Notch Playback enables the use of executables exported from Builder Pro. Invaluable for interactive installations or kiosks.

Expanding the live visual experience

Notch Blocks

Through our ‘block’ system, Notch provides a standardised platform for the delivery of real-time & interactive content which can be updated as your show or installation evolves.

Content creators across the globe can deliver new & original content remotely in a single, self-contained file, natively supported in all major media servers.

Process & Grade Live Video

Notch allows you to work with live video feeds or media server footage. Once the results have been sent back, the media server can use it like any other video – compositing, mapping, outputting to screens or projectors.

Image: ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ – Sarah Rushton-Read / TPR Magazine

Control From Desk or Server

Expose parameters from any nodes in your Notch scene, and control them live from within your media server, on a lighting desk (via ArtNet), or via OSC/web interface.


Pricing to handle what gets thrown at you.

A Notch Playback license enables playback of your Notch real-time content in all major media servers.

Playback Leasing

Your general purpose, go anywhere license.

  • For use on unlimited productions & projects

  • No limits on resolution (just hardware limits)
  • Move from job to job with portable USB license


Fixed Install Playback Perpetual

For when you install it at a site and leave it.

  • For fixed installations at a permanent site.

  • Locked to current Notch release

  • Only pay for the resolution your project requires
  • For use on a single, named project at a named physical site.

  • Includes Codemeter USB dongle
  • Not suitable for music touring or stage shows.

  • For the small but nimble installation.

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution limit

  • Meeting the needs of the UHD medium size fixed installation.

  • 4096 x 2160 resolution limit

  • The big beast – where the canvas starts to be stratospheric.

  • No limits on resolution (just hardware limits)


All prices exclude any applicable VAT.

Production Partners

Looking for more than just licensing? We have an extensive, world-wide network of production partners that can deliver on any scale.


Playback FAQ

Wondering which Playback license is the best for the job? See our extensive Playback licensing FAQ.


For all stages and all screens