Playback Licensing FAQ

General Information

Playback leasing is designed to give the latest and greatest features from Notch for playback in portable licensing for any project, size & complexity. It can be accessed in several ways.

  • Via our Production Partners, as part of a wider solution or a not out the box rental requirement
  • Hardware Bundled and included on some of today’s industry leading Media Servers
  • Or now with our affordable £50 a week “pay as you need” license

Perpetual is designed for fixed installation. This license is Notch software version locked and registered to a named project and location at the time of purchase.

If your content isn’t changing, then it’s one perpetual production and you want a perpetual license. If you’re refreshing your content frequently, you’re going to need weekly playback leasing.

Yes, you still need to have a Notch USB dongle to hold the licenses. For “Leasing”, you can buy them from our web store at £75/piece. For Perpetual, the USB dongle is included in the price of the license.

Yes, we now offer a 3 months top up software update licenses for Perpetual installations. They are charged at 50% of the original license. To order these, get in touch.

Licenses cannot be moved between dongles and are non-replaceable in the event of loss. So do think where you need it before you activate it to a key.

It doesn’t. Nothing has changed on Builder licensing. This page is specifically about Playback licensing only.

Playback licenses are not transferable or replaceable if lost or stolen. We highly recommend that you insure your dongles and the licenses on them, should you be unlucky.

No problem. You have 14 days from dispatch to contact us and apply for a refund. To be eligble for a refund, the license must still be unactivated. If you have activated the license already onto the Notch USB Dongle, we cannot refund your purchase.

Weekly Leasing

The weekly licensing starts when activated on your Notch USB Dongle. So you can order it well in advance and activate it when needed. Activation is done by plugging the dongle into a computer and clicking an email link.

If you already own a Notch (or Codemeter) USB license key, then yes. However: be aware that the Playback licenses cannot be moved between license keys, so make sure you activate the license on a key that will be with your production for as long as you need it. Activating it on the same USB dongle as your Notch Builder Pro license for example, is probably a bad idea, because it means the dongle will have to be plugged into your production machine all the time.

If you purchased a yearly Playback license just before October 14th 2019 and would prefer a weekly license leasing approach, get in touch and we can discuss some options.

No, it is not a subscription service. You order the amount of weeks you need in our web shop and apply it to your Notch USB dongle as you go.

Perpetual Licenses

At time of order, you will accept an agreement to fixed licencing, which means it is locked to the Project Name and Location you will have provided in the order process. If you have a special circumstance or requirement, contact us to discuss further.

From the point of purchase have access to software updates for three months, giving you ample time to fine tune your installation.